Good stuff

Some sweet links…they’ll make you laugh, cry, calculate and shop.  What more could you want?

Handy-dandy tools & stuff

MapMyRun – as you might have guessed…map your runs here!  But also keep track of workouts, groups, events, etc.

Pace calculator – one of the many useful tools available on Cool Running

Marathon Guide – love the reviews.

Calories per hour – burn, baby, burn…calculate it!

Mountain Equipment Co-op – keeping my tush and toes covered up

Lululemon – treat yourself!  Or hit the “we made too much” section…and treat yourself.

Google Reader (how to set one up!) – how else can you keep track of all of the good stuff comin’ in?

Blogs that inspire and blogs that make me pee my pants

Running off the Reese’s

Once Upon a {L}ime

Peanut Butter Fingers

Skinny Runner

Wait in the Van

Yo Mama’s Blog

The Bloggess

Hyperbole and a Half


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