FunnerRunner Cameos

Let me introduce to the peeps whose names will be making cameo appearances on FunnerRunner!  (Disclaimer: if your name appears elsewhere on FunnerRunner and you aren’t profiled here, well, sucks to be you.  I’m not listing every person that I come in contact with, but be warned dear friends – no one is safe.  Consider yourself, and every interaction between us, as “blog fodder”.  Your face will pop up on this site)

On to the main players!

Muffin – my main squeeze, the light of my world, love of my life, wind beneath my wings…the guy who gets stuck carrying my race bag.

Hunk of a Muffin

The fella’s got moves

Mini-Muffin – a newer addition to FunnerRunner world. But I think she’ll stick around for awhile.

Piper (Aka – “Piperoni”, “Pipes”, “Smiley”, “The Poop”, or Muffin’s favourite “Seriouslystoplickingmeandgoliedownsomewhere!”)


Teenager puppy (Now with a crappy attitude and complete disregard for authority!)

The Boots! Eduardo & Mimded (I actually just call them Mom and Dad, but this is way more exotic). During my running career, they have been known to: drive many, many miles to cheer me on, let me pee in the back of their van and be pacers in the last few km’s of races.   Excellent stage parents.

Linny (AKA – big sista, Aunt Linny) – The hottest cheerleader I know…and the best road-side woot, wooter and sign waver!


    What we need on here is a real picture of the two of us after a CHILLLLY Run, frozen and looking like we just hung out with a snow-making machine.

  2. Lindsay (big sista)

    EEEK! I made the blog! 😀

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