Exercise Diaries

**Firstly, if you are here for the “Kickin’ asphalt” page, I apologize.  Because, welp, I gave it the boot.   During 2011 when I needed to be much more accountable about my workouts, the “Kickin’ asphalt” page made sense.   But now that I no longer care how or when I move, you don’t get to either!  If you are interested in how my 2011km went down, check out the “2011 progress” category to the right…keep scrolling…way down….there it is.   So without further ado…

Welcome to The Exercise Diaries page!

A few times a month, I heroically embark on fitness adventures around the city so that I can regale locals with tales of my mediocrity in fitness in a community newspaper blog called The Exercise Diaries.

So brave, I know.

Because I am brave and generous, I’ve compiled a handy-dandy list of Exercise Diaries posts for you to read, re-read and then read once more.  (I may or may not get a monetary bonus based on blog hits…)

So please click away and enjoy!  If you’ve got an awesome idea of something exercisey or outdoorsy or basically anything that would involve moving in same way, let me know.  I’ll happily take credit for your story idea.  You’re welcome!


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