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Five things Friday

1) Week one of the “2014 Challenge” challenge was a success! Four workouts which included two cycling classes, one giant ball/abs/etc. class and one run. “Run” should probably be in little quotations but technically I was running even if it was only 3km of icy hell. Which brings me to…

2) I got new kicks! Ooooh, ahhhh. Nothing is as motivating as new running shoes, yes?

Especially GRAPE coloured ones.

Especially GRAPE coloured ones.

These hot little numbers, the Salomon XR Mission CS, are great for winter running because they are grippy and also keep out the wintery crud that sneaks into your sneaks. (<– not from the catalogue. I wrote that myself. Seriously.)

“This lightweight and flexible shoe was designed for short- to middle-distance runs on both road and trail; the XR Mission CS also features a Climashield water-resistant breathable insert in the forefoot that extends its versatility to cover any kind of weather, wet or dry.” (From, but I bought mine at MEC)

Plus they are pretty.

So stay tuned for (fingers crossed) glowing reviews as I break them in a little more, but so far so good!

3) I’m back to teaching cycling! And I love it and missed it and am wildly out of shape but am so happy to be back. Come and sweat with me at Trent, Mondays at noon! (Not you, stalkers.)

4) Speaking of Trent, I’m trying out all kinds of new classes as part of the new Athletic Centre team. And guess what my muscles really hate? Trying new things! For example, I innocently went to a lunch time “Sculpt and Burn” class this week, and since, have written a strongly worded letter to management suggesting that the class name be changed immediately. Some suggestions that spring to mind (may or may not be directly related my experience):

  • “Burn and Die”
  • “Sculpt and try to re-attach your hamstrings”
  • “Sculpt and burn but never walk normally again”
  • “F*ck you, and your little mountain climbers too”

5) Local races are coming up! What are you training for? YMCA half-marathon or 5K, St. Paddy’s Day 5k, Kms for Care?


Getting it together

It’s funny how perspective can totally change a person.

Just the other day I thought to myself, “when was the last time I ate a vegetable?”. Then I looked around at the tumbleweeds of dog fur rolling by, the stack of clean, but messy laundry piled up, and realized that I had been wearing the same pair of black stretch pants for longer than I can publicly admit. Man, I have really got to get my shit together.

Then I remembered my devastatingly handsome husband, my daughter who smiles and squeals way more than she has ever cried, and my hairy, hairy, (hairy) happy dog and decided that my definition of having everything just perfect has definitely changed. And I’m a-ok with that.

Here’s to a new year and being thankful for many good things.

December 2013

Hey runner girl

Have I mentioned how much I love the “Hey runner girl” blog?

Sultry looks + inside jokes = my very own special moments with R-Gos.


Spring makeover!

A new look for FunnerRunner?!

Things were getting a bit stale around here, so I figured a spring makeover was in order!  Bear with me as I work out some of the kinks…and realize the true limitations of my technical abilities.  It’s a work in progress, so in the meantime…what do you think?  More boring than {insert any singing, dancing, talent, fat people reality show here}?  Harder to read than the Twilight series?  Uglier than Crocs? (FYI – impossible, unless you count work boots with heels.)

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Fill me in…changes, suggestions, must-haves!?  (PS – I realize I need to think of a new tagline…I’ve got a few schweeet ides that I’m tossing around in my head.  Not included is “Jogging, logging, and blogging 2012km in 2012”.  More like “Lazy girls are just like fast girls, but less fast…yet equally slutty.”)  Catchy, no?

Thirty-one pieces of useless information

It was my birthday this week and in honour of, well, me…here are 31 things that you may or may not know about me.  Or things that you may or may not care to know about me. Hooray – fantastic reading ahead!  (By the way, 31 is a totally arbitrary number…no reason for it at all.  Like that I’m old. )

  1. My middle name is Michelle. (See? Told you that this was going to be riveting)
  2. I DETEST olives…the smell of the grocery store olive cart makes me want to heave into my basket. (Bonus tidbit: I hate using shopping carts and make Muffin push it every time)
  3. I passed my driving test on the first try and have never been pulled over by ‘the fuzz’.  However, I am ready to pull out the tears and shameless flirting when it does happen.
  4. I have never been stung by a bee.  And yet I squeal like a Deliverance victim whenever I see/hear/sense anything with a “stinger” come within 20ft of me.  (I’ve pulled over the car to jump out after having a bee dive bomb fly in the window)
  5. My pet peeves are people who wear sunglasses inside and people who talk in a fake accent.  Even if they are just kidding around (“Vunderbar!” kills me).
  6. I don’t know the real words to very many songs, however I sing like I do.  I just mumble and make sounds that resemble the real lyrics.  For example, I always thought the words to Enter Sandman were : “Excel light…ends tonight” and very recently realized that those words don’t make sense.  I googled the real words (yes, I have time to do that) and they are “Exit lightEnter night”.  Ahhh.  Very important stuff here.
  7. I had my nose pierced for almost 10 years!  (And my Dad asked me if I was a lesbian…)
  8. I **accidentally** peed my pants in a fit of laughter during one particularly funny dinner when I was, like 9, and my evil sister called me “Big Bad Mama Pee-Head” for the rest of the summer.  And for a couple of years after that…
  9. If a cashier or server forgets an item on my bill, I always tell them.  And it bothers me when I get home and realize they forgot something…karma, man.
  10. I crave dill pickle and peanut butter sandwiches.  For reals.  Try it.  But don’t get all up in my grill when you realize you are addicted.
  11. I smoked a whole cigarette to myself in grade 9 and immediately turned green and puked.  (Outside the dentist office while waiting for my friend…and smoking her cigarettes)
  12. I love it when anyone plays with my hair.  Muffin thinks that I would pay hobos to do it.  I think it’s a brilliant idea.
  13. I’m kind of sick of running.  (See what I did there? I’m trying to hide this one in the hopes that no one has actually read this far)
  14. I don’t know what paradigm shift means…and I *may* have used it in a sentence once or twice.
  15. I hated gym in high school and used to wear pj bottoms instead of shorts to prove how much I didn’t care about trampolining and badminton.  Super cool.
  16. It drives me nutters when chip bags are opened upside down or when someone eats a hamburger the wrong way (top bun on the bottom).  Sadly, I’m quite serious…I have to look away.
  17. I’m putting “learn to knit” on my to-do list…again.
  18. When I was in second or third grade (…or both) I wanted to change my name to “Tootie”, based on the snappy character from the Facts of Life.  The ‘Natalie’ character was frumpy and dorky and I considered myself to be way funkier.  But a seven year old doesn’t think big picture…my maiden name is “Boot”which would have made me “Tootie Boot”.
  19. I used to collect Disney cartoon movies and I still have all of my VHS copies.  And I still like to watch them.  C’mon…who doesn’t love The Little Mermaid on a rainy Sunday?
  20. I rarely get mosquito bites. They just don’t crave tiger blood, I guess.
  21. I MUST turn the radio station when Rush, Nickelback or Amanda Marshall come on.  They just irritate me.
  22. I love the calluses on Muffin’s hands. (He’s half muffin, half stud)
  23. My rib was cracked (or really bruised/crushed?) while trying to master the Dirty Dancing lift with Mr. Bravo in Cuba.
  24. My first job was at McDonald’s and I had a huge crush on my manager…Coooorey. Ah.
  25. I can’t decide which is worst…wet dog smell or B.O.  Sadly, I’m surrounded by both quite often.
  26. I love the Far Side.
  27. I have never seen Goonies.  Muff might call this whole marriage thing off now.
  28. When I was really young, I opened the backdoor to let our family dog out, which sadly led to her demise. (She beelined after a car and was hit)  My family still likes to tell me that I killed Ginger.  I still tell my therapist.
  29. The words “peruse” and “utilize” annoy me.
  30. I don’t mind nails on a chalkboard, but the thought of two serrated edges rubbing together (i.e. a quarter and a butter knife) gives me the heebers.
  31. Given the choice I wouldn’t do my twenties all over again, even though they hold some of my fave memories and my thighs were much thinner.  I think my thirties are going to be where it’s at.

It’s taper time!

As a lazy runner, I must say that one of the best parts about racing is the taper.  

I’ve overheard all those hard-core/dedicated/super-annoying runners be like “Ohmigawd, I HATE not being able to run for, like, 2 days, let alone a week!  I NEED to get out there and pound some pavement!”

I, on the other hand, am loving the excuse to sleep in, lie around on the couch, not pick up after myself, have Muffin feed me grapes…all in the name of “Cheese and crackers! You expect me to SHOWER this week!  Don’t you know that I’m tapering!!!”

Tapering...part of being a tip-top athlete.

I read somewhere (or not, I could have made it up and convinced myself it’s true) that you can’t under-train in the last weeks, but you can certainly over-train.  That’s been my mantra…true or not true, it’s working for me.

So this week, no major running updates because the one day I had free to do a short run, I slept and lounged.  Excellent.  My legs will be so refreshed and ready to go Sunday…unless they forget how to actually move. 

Oh, and I haven’t actually registered for the race yet.  So all my hard work “tapering”, might just be me sitting on my junk, being lazy.  Whatev.  I’m loving it.

Stay tuned to see what I did on my non-training days…it involves bears, snow and conquering fears!

Blue Monday?

Photo Source

So rumour has is that today is supposedly the crappiest day of the year.  Or maybe not.  The scientists (fairly generous job classifying  here) behind Blue Monday can’t quite carry the seven or find the square root of the equation or whatever to determine if it’s the 3rd week of January or the next.  Regardless, it was -31C this morning.  Now that’s depressing.  Blue Monday-schmonday… winter, you officially suck.

That being said, stay tuned for my long run recap.  Spoiler alert!…I get lost and can’t feel my toes for a good chunk of it.