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Challenge accepted!

As someone who is one part goal-oriented and one part non-committal, new year resolutions are a bit of a tricky beast for me. I love the idea of challenging myself, but realistically, a year is a REALLY long time. For example, those people that do the “photo a day” thing all year – troopers. I’m the bum that would wake up some random June morning and EFFFFFFFF remembered that I forgot to take a picture the day before. Ruined. A year is too long to commit/remember/not screw up.

So because I’m clever and awesome and modest I decided that my resolution will be to create and complete one challenge for every month of the year! Not bad, huh? month at a time.

…one month at a time.

I have a few ideas up my sleeve, but this little ninja of a resolution will allow me to change up my goals based on my mood current interests. So instead of mapping out twelve months of challenges, I’ll think of them as I go along. (Insert suggestions here)

So what’s up for January? Working out. Just like everyone else in the world. (I never thought I’d become one of those people but here I am huffing and puffing while doing up my jeans because I took an ENTIRE MONTH off of exercise. And replaced it with wine and cheeseballs.)

CHALLENGE: Four weeks = four workouts per week.

I don’t care what kind of workout or how hard or long it is (Ew.), but I just need to get back into a routine. And I love being forced into routine…doesn’t everyone?

Who’s with me? It just staaaaarted…   Week one is from January 6-12.  I’ll irritatingly nag you if you irritatingly nag me?

Sure. *snort*

Sure.  *snort*