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A new gig

Remember that fantastic (Walking Dead-like even?) cliffhanger from last week? Sure. Ok.

Welp, I think I’ve dotted and crossed off all of the appropriate letters and I can let you in on my little news.

Folks, I’m leaving corporate and turning granola. Translation: goodbye Goodlife Fitness, hello Trent Athletics Centre!

Granola and bikes

Even the gym smells like patchouli…and I like it.

After, oh, eight or so years with my lovely Goodlife Fitness, I started to realize that my new schedule just wasn’t jiving with their schedule anymore. Which really means, when I only get to hang with mini-Muffin for about 2 hours a night, I’m really not keen to spend at least an hour of that at the gym. Go figure.  And my beloved 6am time slot is also a no-go now that I’m 1) living in the wilderboonies and 2) have a hardworking husband who leaves the house before 5am every morning. (Stalkers and murderers, disregard!)  So 6am = baby duty now.

As I mentioned before, in an effort to maximize my time away from home, I’ve been running at lunch or late afternoon which seems to be working pretty well. But I wasn’t quite ready to give up the gym scene just yet (mostly because my love-affair with running can be described as sporadic at best). Enter Trent Athletics Centre! Hooray! The kind folks there have hired me as a substitute instructor for now and hopefully, someday in the not too super-distant future, I’ll get on the schedule for a lunch or afternoon class. And in the meantime, I’m still able to attend their classes to miraculously try to get my soggy legs back into cycling shape. Yeesh. I mean…I’m super fit and sporty and hiring me was an excellent decision!


I think patios count as outdoors, no?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all win-win. Win because I’m really excited to start something new, I’m already liking the classes at the AC, and yes, I’m pumped to join their team. But don’t be fooled, I’ll miss that Goodlife family crazy amounts too. To all those fantastic 6am faces, have no fear, you’ll see me on a free day buying a day pass just to get a little RPM or Body Pump fix.

But I’ll be the one in Birks and wool socks.


Kickin’ asphalt…eventually.

Alrighty kiddos, here’s round two for operation “Kick Asphalt!”.

A painfully slow crawl towards 45%

But because I am a bad blogger and was very busy this weekend dry walling, eating out, and generally ignoring you all, you’ll have to c’mon back tomorrow for this past week’s workout wrap up.  Did I make it? Cheat? Get eaten by a dingo?….Yes, yes and narrowly escaped with all of my tendons still intact.  What an excuse adventure!

True story...for realisies...ish.

Procrastination pays off now.

I had really good intentions of keeping a few goals over the past couple of weeks.  Note that “had” is a key word.

So let’s hop back in time a couple of weeks and pick up where I started ignoring everything in life that didn’t have the words “Jamaica”, “sun”, “rum” or “wedding” in it.

I had a draft blog in the works (of my mind) but soon realized that no one wanted to read about my hatred for EVERYTHING that interfered with my countdown for vacay.  A blog about how I wanted to shot-put my 2lb weight at the new girl in Pump class or how I hung up the phone nano-seconds before going bat shit on some turd at work who called me about how my poster covered up his on a bulletin board does make for pleasant blog fodder.  Nor does it paint a pretty picture of me at the end of my rope.

So I made an executive decision to avoid blogging during pre-vacay rage.  You’re welcome.

I also made an executive decision to immediately start ruining my Summer 2011 Race Plan.  First up on the agenda was the Km’s for Care half-marathon on April 17 and as you can guess, I didn’t run it.  And boy am I glad I didn’t!  Between the just-barely-above freezing temps and the torrential rain that dominated the day, coupled with my ongoing rage and extreme irritability, I would have been a reeeeal treat to be around.  To be honest, I had decided about a week earlier that I wouldn’t be registering because when it boils down, I would rather spend $75 on another bikini instead of an XL race t-shirt and sample size bag of baked Doritos.  It’s just how I roll.  That said, I did run 21km on the Monday morning following the race day and logged the FREE km’s…and ate a bunch Doritos.

On the bright side, I did manage to cross off a few things that I had planned…

Dudes and I spun our little hearts out at the Battle in the Saddle spin-a-thon, despite our 3:30am demeanours.  We had big plans to sit on our bums, chat, and generally snooze with our legs moving through our shift.  Little did we know that we had signed up for CRAZYXTREMEHARDCORE fundraising.  We walked into the mall, coffee in hand, and were greeted with 10-ish teams of intense, sweaty, grunting spinners.  (NOT hot firemen waiting to flirt with and entertain us.)  All teams vying to gain the most mileage before either a) breaking their own knees or b) keeling over from heart attacks.  FUN!  It was then that Dudes said, “I didn’t want to punch you until just now”.  More FUN!  Anyhoo, we spun, we kept up and we managed to keep our team out of last place.  We think.

'Til the bitter end...complete with 4am sweaty-betty hair.

Also, Operation: Revival!  was a smashing success!  Both Dudes and I hit the milestones we were hoping for and had a bit of fun while getting there.  Next up for us is hot yoga.  Seriously.  I’m that good of a friend.  For those who know me, know that there is a reason I only run and bike.  Ever notice there is no mention of step class, Zumba, or anything else that requires moving one’s hands and feet simultaneously?  That’s intentional.  To save others and myself from awkwardly pretending that I’m not flailing around like a chubby, epileptic hunchback.  So hooray….trying to be bendy, sweaty, slippery and zen-like all at once should be awesome.

Crap...I didn't even think of that.

400! Sounds good…means nothing.

So although it seems I’ve gone AWOL in the blog world…I’ve been tres busy in the social butterflying world.  *Insert late ’90s “raise the roof” here*

Whaa, whaaat?

With two…count ’em…TWO dear couples getting hitched in the very near future, I’ve been lucky enough to get crack-a-lackin’ early with them in the celebration department.  A few PG highlights for your viewing pleasure…

The Boa's...yep, real people. Not models.

Maybe we do like giant feathers...and maybe we DO!!

Muffin and Madden lookin' all sorts of handsome

What do you mean this isn't CASH CAB?!?

"Something blue" shower for Dudes

Despite all of the fun, I have managed to maintain a somewhat regular running schedule (As expected, not as fun as hot pink feathers and martini bars) and have reached a (self-proclaimed) milestone…400km!!  Not quite 20%!!  Just under a quarter of the way to my goal!!  This seemed a lot more impressive before seeing it in writing…in hindsight, I probably should have held off on the announcement for a little longer.

Besides dancing, event planning, imbibing and running…I’ve been fundraising! Why you (and more often, my husband) ask?  Because I am a sucker.  My jumbo heart and stupid head are a dangerous combination.  And the people closest to me get to bear the brunt of it.  By giving me money.  You see I’ve signed myself and dear ol’ (sucker) Dudes up to take part in a 24 hour spinathon.  The good news is that we are part of a STELLAR team and only have to spin for our “shift”.  Which happens to be the 4am – 6:30am shift.  I’ll be lucky if Dudes is talking to me by next Sunday.  So stay tuned for that intriguing recap…I’m thinking it will involve coffee stories, fireman eye-candy highlights and how I avoided getting punched in the face at 4:00am by Dudes.  (PS – I’m graciously still accepting cold hard cash for the cause…drop me a line if you’d like to donate!)

Such a good sport

On another note, upon reaching my not-so special milestone, I’ve started to think about what’s on tap for the upcoming race season.  And it’s not Guiness. (Ba-dum-dum…I’m here all week!  Try the veal!)

I’ve had my eye on a few different races, but because there are so many to choose from during warmer months I need to actually commit to a few so that I don’t “wait for the next one” all summer.   So without further ado…my (not even close to concrete) summer race plan!!  **subject to many, many changes as deemed necessary by the author**

2011 Summer Race Plan...maybe.

$20 says that I don’t make it to that last one…even I know myself better than that…