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Five things

In true FunnerRunner style, I’m supposed to be running right now but my change of clothes is all the way in my car…in the parking lot…versus within reaching distance. So here I am…dreaming* of running instead of actually doing it. (*dreaming is definitely not an accurate verb in this scenario. In case you’re new.)

So five quick things to update you on:

1) The (non)long run

I had big plans to run a 7k last Saturday but instead my merry little family hit up the dog park and stood around while pretending to be outdoorsy.

dog park

But somehow (enter blog-related guilt), at around 2:30pm, I scraped myself off my own ass and headed out for a 5km. Better than nothing, no? It was a balmy 12C and I knew I would be kicking myself for not at least trying to enjoy it. It’s hard to justify complaining about crap weather when you are clinging to the couch on mild days too.

2) Wednesday’s SURPRISE run!

Because we have had the pleasure of having an AHMAHZINGLY lovely and helpful house guest stay with us for the past few weeks, I was able to actually run in the morning – ON A WEEKDAY! – just like old times.

And my-oh-my, it was wonderful. (<– surprisingly, not sarcasm) Brisky, crispy air with fresh morning legs has got everything on afternoon laziness and lunch-time gurgles. I didn’t realize how much I miss starting my day off with a workout, so if anyone has got a hankering to drive out to the boonies at 6am and babysit for an hour, that would be swell.

New stompin' grounds.

New stompin’ grounds.

A special thanks to Shannaners for disrupting her morning routine so that I could check 7km off my training calendar. AlphaVag for life! (Just our attempt to live out a sorority house fantasy. Wait, that sounds way different than it is…we just wear matching sweatshirts and drink a lot wine throughout the week.)

Remember that time we drank six bottles of Apothic Red and wore matching shirts?

Remember that time we drank six bottles of Apothic Red and wore matching for a month?

3) Water drinking challenge

Speaking of Shannaners, have I mentioned that we have embarked on a wine water-imbibing journey together? For the month of November, we are committed to drinking two liters of water EVERYDAY or else! (The ‘else’ is that we don’t get to treat ourselves to new boots at the end of the month…) So “everyday” really means everyday. Even days that you are sitting in Toronto traffic for hours – in the morning and afternoon – you still need to down copious amounts of water. So far I’ve met my goal each day, albeit at the expense of some parking garage floors and couch cushions. I’m not proud, just honest. And my skin is no silkier or smoother so we’ll see if I bother to keep this up through December or not.

4) Songza

Seriously, tell me you are running, walking, dinner-cooking, whatever-ing to this. I was introduced to this super app by Ms. Laporte and am in love. My current faves are “Drop-a-beat workout” (for sweating), “The World of The Lumineers” (for porch sitting and dart swinging), “Vodka escapades: Ladies be pre-gaming” (kitchen dance parties, obs), as well as a few others because I’m well-rounded and a super mom. Fellow Songza lovahs, what’s on your list?


5) Something new in the works

And I’ll leave it at that and update you when I sort it aaaallll out. Cliffhanger, no?



Pinterest is the new running

A dark morning.  A lazy girl.  An enticing laptop.  Annoying running shoes.  An obvious decision.

This has pretty much been my weekends in a nutshell lately.  Why run when you can drool over other people’s walk-in closets and Chanel necklaces on Pinterest?  If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.  BUT! it hasn’t all been a big, fast waste of time…just 90% of it.  The oh-so helpful Pinterest machine managed to kick start one of my “big” 2012 goals…one new recipe a month!  January = check!

Pinterest version…pork and butternut squash stew from EverydayPaleo.

Looks pretty tasty, no?

And the “how to”….

The d-low

As some of you may know (*cough* Muffin *cough*) I’m no cook, which is why I’ve committed to trying one new recipe a month.

But I realized something this time.  I think I mostly hate prepping to cook.  Notice the ingredients above?  Shallots, coconut milk, garam masala?!?  What the crap…who owns this stuff.  I had to go to three grocery stores (Sobey’s = leeks; Farmboy = pork; Metro = coconut milk), Bulk Barn (garam masala…and miscellaneous treats because c’mon who goes to Bulk Barn and doesn’t get candy?) so that I didn’t have to buy a whole jar for 2 teaspoons of something that I’m not entirely sure what it is, and my mom-in-laws for shallots (because she actually does cook and own this stuff).  Seriously?  This is why I hate cooking.  If someone would do all of the recon and shopping, I’d be more than happy to throw things in a crock pot.  More.than.happy.

Regardless, I persevered and slaved over a warm-ish slow cooker to produce this…ta-da!!

Ew, stew

Joy of Cooking here I come!

I’m thinking next time I’ll hire a chef and food stylist before snapping a pic.  So, on to February…anyone have any “three ingredients or less”, preferably microwaveable, recipes they’d like to share?

Speaking of the wonderful world of Pinterest (what, we were still talking about it, right?  First sign of an addiction right there…everything comes back to the vice) I’ve stole a couple of other super (easy) ideas from it too.

Introducing “Awesome shit I stole from Pinterest”!

1) My festive contribution to the work Christmas potluck.  Pinterest details here.

My version of the delicious hats

2) Working it at home…I did the circuit three times and was happily huffing and puffing.  Best part…no equipment required.  (However a yoga mat is nice if you’re working on hardwood or are a big baby or both, like me.)  Pinterest link.

Indoor sweat-fest

3) Delish homemade dressing. (Pinterest deets)  I did modify the recipe a bit (remember my lack of on-hand ingredients?  It spans across all cooking genres) and basically just used plain greek yogurt, balsamic vinegar and dijon mustard – skipping honey and oil, because I couldn’t really taste the difference so decided to skip the extra calories.  And then proceeded to use the whole jar in one sitting.  Balance folks.)

Magic in a jar

4) This has been my mantra for a good 30 years or so.  Although the adding the word “disturbingly” before “messy” might be a bit more accurate.  (Pinning source)

Did not need Pinterest inspiration on this one.

And lastly, my fave project on the to-do list.  Shannaners, you + me + Prosecco = next weekend.  Pinterest success!

Very important on the must do list

First project!

I’m thinking this might be my first crochet project…

Crochetdermy + bears = true love


Life outside of running

So now that you are all (painfully) caught up on how my loggin’ the joggin’ is trucking along (what?! I believe in accountability!), it’s time for LIFE OUTSIDE OF RUNNING! Yes, I do have one.

First, an update.  Remember the push up challenge that was taking everyone by storm?!  After a solid start all around, it turns out that we all soon realized that push ups suck.  And are super hard. So, super sucky.

Push ups = not as fun as dry humping

And when the going gets tough, the tough get outta dodge.  Well, at least 80% of us do.  One brave soul heaved and sweated and pushed his way to victory!

This guy!...wait....

Actually, no…it was this guy!


Way to go Eduardo!  He followed the whole six week program and breezed through 100 consecutive push ups – no sweat.  Well maybe a little bit of sweat.  (And tears? C’mon…you can tell us…) Awesome job, Dad!  Your prize is in the “mail” (aka. there is no prize).  Plus you can gloat, brag and rub it in all of our faces…because let’s face it, if we weren’t such babies, that’s what we would do too.

(Just FYI – I started week 3 about 3 times before throwing in the towel and declaring that push ups are stupid)

In weather news (which is coincidentally tied to running news…so much for life outside of running), ol’ man winter is sneaking up on us like a Kardashian on a wide-eyed basketball player.  I’ve even brought out the ‘cats on a few occasions this month!  And just FYI…they are still ah.mah.zing.  Not so ahmahzing that I’m asking for a snow-ice-death mix, but they make crap weather much more bearable.

Return of the 'cats (ignore my 5:45am face)

With winter comes the only real reason for ever wishing November to end… CHRIIIIISTMAAAAAS!  Muffin and I kicked off our annual holly-jolly traditions with a trip to the tree farm…

Hard at work

Where he did all of the work…as Piper and I had a little photo shoot…

Not so hard at work

It was the first time EVER in our tree harvesting years together that we found a half decent tree with little to no arguing/scene making/stomping/crying.  And he didn’t even swear!  A Griswold miracle!

Having tromped and bossed and demanded “bigger! better!” all day at the tree lot, I had worked up an appetite and was pumped for gingerbread house making.  Also known as the reason for my season.  Nothing says good clean fun like snorting icing from a plastic bag while arm wrestling your husband for the extra jujubes.

Gingerbread, you complete me.

My new BFF...for the next 30 seconds.

Happily, things are definitely starting to look a lot like Christmas around the Bootman homestead.  Even with all the gingerbread barf everywhere.

Next random topic…the Exercise Diaries are going swimmingly!  If you haven’t had a chance to pop over yet, you are lazy and a crap friend.

(I’ll let that sink in a bit)

However you can still redeem yourself!  Scoot over and check out how I fared with the Runner’s Life pro-stars.  (Yes!  I actually wrote about running for once.  Who am I?!)

Off to Runner's Life to pretend like I know what I'm doing

I even made a return to hot yoga.  It’s all in the name of research…but you’ll have to wait to read all about that adventure.

Trying to take a change room photo without looking like a creeper

And (almost) lastly, when I’m not running or writing, I’m doing what every other 20-40 year old woman is doing…I’m on Pinterest.  If you haven’t devoted every waking minute to it discovered it yet, c’mon out from your rock or Facebook or wherever you are currently wasting your free time and start wasting away your days on Pinterest…with me!

What it is...

That said, you’ve been warned.  Pinterest is the new crack-cocaine, but more addictive.  And prettier.  And your teeth won’t go all weird. it usually plays out.

And finally, finally, a little something festive for your screen saver.  My gift to you.  You are WELCOME.

Holiday special! Ornament available for 3 easy payments of $19.99


This Exercise Diaries thing is really testing my coolness factor.  Scoot on over to see how I did in Zumba this week.

Spoiler alert…

In the meantime…

Um, so about that race

You’d think this being a running blog and all, I would mention it at some point.  Welp, I did actually train a bit for it (sorry no details for you!) and yep, I actually ran it…last weekend.  And of course, I made kick arse playlist for it too.  So in an effort to avoid producing full sentences after a long, tiring week…ta-da!…my race playlist!  AKA – my stall tactic!  Feel free to praise, judge, pilfer and/or rock out.

I like to move it, move it.

A shout out to Shannaners for some happy-go-lucky, “this is so much fun it doesn’t even feel like running!!” music and kudos to Stalkie for the funktified beats to make me feel extra bad ass.  And of course, I had to include my classic cycling /Body Combat standby jams to help bring it on home with some mustard. (…and I just couldn’t race without my classic guilty pleasure, “If you want blood”.  It just feels like home.)

So a pinky swear that a riveting* race recap is coming your way pronto-ish! (*subjective)

...eventually. That totally counts.

Need more FunnerRunner in your life? Good news for you!

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that there are some new things in the works for FR. Has it been driving you crazy with anticipation? What, you’re not sleeping well? You’re drafting angry messages to me to relieve your frustrations? Well the wait is over…

*Clark Griswold drumroll*

…and it may or may not have been worth it…


I’m writing another blog! Huzzah!

No seriously. Someone is actually going to pay me (slightly over!) a penny for my thoughts. Besides my full-time employer that is.

I'm very busy and important.

A few weeks ago I pitched an idea to the Editor-in-chief of the local newspaper, Peterborough This Week, about writing a fitness blog as part of their community columns.  And my smooth marketing talents worked!  A blog was born…enter The Exercise Diaries.  So scoot on over to see what’s shakin’ on the local sweat scene in this city.  Or just to laugh at my excessive uncoordination as I fumble, fall, and curse my through various athletic pursuits…and the inevitable hospital visits that ensue.  Or just c’mon by because the more readers I get, the more pennies I get.  (Selling out like it’s my mf’n job.  Yeah buddy.)

On an unrelated note, it turns out that I have 88 days to run 719km.  So yeah, that’s how that is going.  But seriously, who’s going to pay me to finish this god awful challenge… anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?

(Did I mention that you can pay me in Skittles?)

My new fridge art.

Confessions of a control freak

I need help.

Things have been super crazy around here.  Between wedding and social planning hysteria and maniacal exercising to prep for aforementioned wedding and social butterflying (e.g. bootcamp, yoga, WINE club, race training and teaching spin) it’s been nutters.  And it’s time to take a breath.  Ahhh.  With zero after-work commitments, only teaching a mere ONE class a week and no planned races in sight – I’ve got some major free time on my hands.  Which is exactly what I thought I needed.  Turns out, I don’t function well like that.

All free and no plan, makes FR go crazy

When I commit to something, I’m fairly decent at following through.  I’m reward goal oriented. I like structure.  I like calendars and to-do lists and day planners.  It’s kind of my thing.  When I accomplish something, I check it off.  I wear my medal around the house like a bratty douche.

But all of a sudden my calendar is wide open…no goals, no commitments and I’m turning into procrastinator extraordinaire.  My typical morning now consists of me waking up and thinking “Mornings suck.  But don’t worry if you don’t run now, you can do it after work! You have all the time in the world! Muwahaha!” Hooray – snooze button, roll over, smile.  Then at about 4:26pm, I think “Blah running.  Go home to your adorable husband and dog (and couch).  You can run tomorrow – you’ve got no reason not to!”  And so on. Next thing I know, it’s Thursday and I’ve logged 3km and half a spin class.  You get me?  When my schedule was jam packed, I knew that I HAD to fit a run in at 5:30am on “run day”, because after work/next morning/whenevs was already booked.  Now, I’m just pushing everything until the next day and nothing is getting done.  This must be what management feels like.

Inner thoughts

Just replace "stuff" with "running"


I fear for this 2011km challenge.  I’m a *smidge* (aka: WAYSUPERDUPERNEVEREVERCATCHINGUP) off track.  BUT I have a plan!  And this is where I need your help.  Hey judgey friends, this one’s for you.

In an effort to be accountable and not push the next (OMFG) 1000ish kilometers right into December, I’m going to be sharing my weekly workout plans with y’all.  Lucky ducks!  How embarrassing would it be to say that I’m going to do this, this, and this and then actually just spoon with my dog every morning and watch endless episodes of Entourage every night.

Hmm, run or swoon?

The idea is that I’ll post my weekly plan and then let you all know how I did afterward.  But make sure that you keep me in line, m’kay?  There will be absolutely no enabling of excuses, soothing my ego, holding my hand…you need to get all Ari Gold on my ass.  Got it? Good.

Stay tuned…I’ll be posting this week’s plan-of-attack just as soon as I figure it out.  Right after I see how this Johnny Drama and Turtle thing plays out…

Food for thought…shut up and run!

Now this is motivational stuff…from the hi-larious Shut up and Run!

My fave parts:

On excuses…“Or maybe, for just a minute, you stopped caring and lost sight of your goal.”

On why it matters… “The thing is, no one really cares but you. Sure your friends and husband and parents want you to meet your goals, to get in shape, whatever. But when push comes to shove, it is you who has the most invested. “

On talking yourself into it: “I am never sorry I did it. Never.”

So if you are needing a boost, pop by Shut Up and Run! for some inspiration.

And PS – I promise that I will eventually start writing my own material again (vs. uploading funny pictures or shamelessly stealing other people’s ideas).  And bonus: it’s taper week and my leg sucks eggs, so I have lotsa time to sit and ice and write.  Promise.

Only a couple more days until the Wellington Women’s Half…and did I mention that I have a Forrest Gump-y leg?  I’m expecting a PW (personal worst) this weekend and I’m ok with that.  Mostly because I can still justify an all-you-can-shove buffet afterward – whether I limp or, let’s be serious, crawl over that finish line.  Thank goodness for knee pads…and stretchy, elastic waistband pants.

Because I love my readers…all four of you.

I really shouldn’t share this with you, but I’m going to because I love most of you each and every one of you and think you deserve the best. 

Here it goes…Running off the Reese’s.

This. girl. is. hilarious. 

Check it out.  But don’t really because she is wildly funnier than me and I plan on shamelessly stealing a lot of her phrases.  (“Arch-run-emy” =  mine.  I have too many of these not to steal this.)

But seriously, check it.   And then come back here and pretend to read my rice cake-minus peanut butter-dry posts.   That way when I drill you (“Seriously, didn’t YOU READ MY BLOG ABOUT THIS ALREADY?!?), you can at least look me in the eye and rattle off the titles to appease me.