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Wha Happa?

I was a bit shocked when I wandered over here to FunnerRunner and discovered that it’s been almost a MONTH since my last post.  I knew I had been slacking a bit, but c’mon…that’s just a little ridiculous.

So my apologies.

BUT! the good news is that you haven’t missed much.  I ran a couple of marathons, learned to knit AND drive standard, and dug a pool in our backyard, but that’s about it.  No biggie smalls.

But outside of all of that awesomeness, I have been up to some (actual) stuff.  So without further ado, let’s just see…


  • I made freaking trifle.  You’d think that I had cured cancer the way I have been up-talking this feat, but no, just assembled some ingredients to pull off a dish only marginally better than Rachel’s.  You see, the impetus behind making this dessert for my April recipe of the month was that I thought that I had received a trifle dish for Christmas last year.  Turns out that it was a punch bowl.  Don’t ask.  Being the Masterchef that I am, I went with it.  Guess what?  It takes a hella lot more fruit and cake to layer a punch bowl than a trifle dish.  By the last layer, I had used every piece of fruit in the house (frozen, fresh, green peas dipped in sugar…) to scrape together something that looked remotely triflin’.  Thank mercy Cool Whip makes everything taste ok, so although it looked like a giant bowl of randomness, it tasted just dandy.  Masterchef tip #1 – just add Cool Whip.  (And say it like Stewie)  Here’s the recipe that I had intended on following (before dipping into weird fruit territory).

My mammoth trifle

Aerial view…yes, that is an ENTIRE pineapple on the top layer.

  • I started CrossFit.  Well, kinda.  I started the beginner “on-ramp” program because the lovelies at CrossFit Kawartha offered it to me at no cost as part of The Exercise Diaries.  I’m just trekking my way through it right now, but first impressions are that I would totally, totally do this all the time (if I wasn’t getting more mego-p by the day).  The two instructors/owners are awesome and the actual CrossFitters are bad ass.  You can read my intro post about it here…more to come once I wrap up the on-ramp program next week.  If you’ve never heard of CrossFit, head on over to YouTube to check out the bad-assery of it.

We actually did these this week.

  • I committed to biking to work for the month of May as part of our local Shifting Gears competition.  I even got a new-to-me bike on Kijiji so that I don’t have to ride my super speedy/death-trap pedals road bike.  And I soon realized that biking to work sucks.  I rode my bike the first two days and that’s it so far.  Yikes.  So my goal is to ride at least three times next week, but like I said, it sucks.  Not so much the biking (however it turns out that my sweet Kijiji bargain weighs about 80 times more than my speedster so that’s not helping) but I hate packing my outfit, trying to leave early so that I’m not late(r), getting changed in the bathroom stall, having sweaty helmet bangs all day, not having access to my car after work for errands, and so on.  I could never live in Europe…Tour de Work = annoying.  But apparently biking is good for me and an “easy” way to keep the ol’ legs moving.  We’ll see.
  • We had an ultrasound!  Our mini-muffin seems to be truckin’ along quite nicely and was wriggling away during the exam.  Hooray!  Almost halfway already – I can’t believe how quickly these first few months have gone by.  That said, I’m pretty sure the gals who hugged the toilet for the first 12 weeks could shank me for saying that, but so far I’m digging this pregnancy job.  (Ask me that after this long weekend when I’m ready to shank all of my tipsy friends in a sobriety induced rage.)

Mini muff @ 18 weeks

  • And lastly, I said goodbye.  Our dearest Dudes and T-Money have made their way westward and I’ve lost my mid-week workout, shopping, WINE and bitch partner, not too mention THE weekend go-to gal.  The good news is that those brother-husbands we scooped have bound us for life!!  Muwahaha!  It might not be a Wednesday WINE session, but I’ll see you very  soon and very often, dearest Dudes.  Love and misses to you both already!

Ignore B-Mac in the middle…we always miss him.

And one more because I’m hormonal and weepy and feeling all nostalgic.

Just doing what we do best…looking retardo.


Catching up

Even though blogging has been tossed on the back burner for awhile, I have actually been doing blog worthy activities (other than sitting on the couch “researching” the internet).

So let’s play a little catch up!

As promised earlier this year, I’m doing my darndest to keep my 2012 resolution to try one new recipe a month.

Reach for the sky!

(Please disregard numbers 1, 2 & 4 for now…I’m a work in progress)

Let’s back up a scootch and pretend like I am a domestic goddess chef extraordinaire… and that it’s February.

The month of love brought a couple of recipe challenges including one that I didn’t even force Muffin and I to eat…in fact, I made it as a “gift”.  Enter The Pioneer Woman’sThe Best Lasagna. Ever.

Best. Lasagna. Ever. (this is not mine, obs)


My plan was to make two small-ish dishes – one for us and one for our dear friends who just birthed a brand new bebe (“Congrats on your new bundle!  How about some salmonella to go along with that unrelenting fatigue and incessant crying?!  You’re welcome!”)  Turns out that I’m bad at cooking AND math.  I just didn’t have enough of “spreading out ingredients to make two lasagnas” for us too.  However I’m totally confident that it turned out exactly like Pioneer Woman’s 612 “OMG this is so goooood!” comments lasagna.  What?  Just let me have that.

So although it was a new recipe, I felt like I needed to tackle something that we would actually consume ourselves in order to meet my 2012 resolution.  Enter new recipes #2 and #3 (in one month!!).

I saw all of these deeeelish looking grilled sandwiches on Closet Cooking (another Canadian blogger…wha, whaat!)  and could barely decide which one to devour create.  After much drooling and panting, I eventually landed on Bacon Guacamole Grilled Cheese Sandwiches served up with Creamy Mushroom and Roasted Cauliflower Soup.  Both dishes = TO. DIE. FOR.  The soup was fantastic (even with half milk, half light cream, sans wine) and surprisingly easy, and the sandwiches…well, unless you’ve had your taste buds burned off in some sort of tragic hot pizza eating incident – this will change grilled cheese for you – FOREVER.

Clearly not my actual dish again...mine looked JUST like this though. Ahem.

Soup, soup - so good for the soul. Stealing photos - also good.

Source for both images.

And just quickly, because we all know that I’m no foodie blogger and I’m running out of synonyms for “yummy”, March’s recipe was super successful and awesome as well.  Because I’m that good.  I stumbled across this little number on Pinterest (of course) – Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken and whipped up my own rendition of fried rice to go along with it.  Muffin and I eat A LOT of chicken breast and it was so nice to change it up a bit.  Super tasty and a definite keeper.  That said, I totally under estimated how long it would take to cube, dip, roll, brown, give little massages to, sing lullabies for and french braid the chicken’s hair.  Plan for some extra prep time to baby that whiny, self-absorbed little chicken so that in the end it is totally your sticky, sweet bitch.  Yum!

Seeing a pattern...not my actual dish.


Alright, enough with the food.  (Is anyone else gnawing on the couch arm right now?  No?  Just me?)

Running is ramping back up for me (and likely everyone else in North America too).  The weather is a little warmer, the days are much brighter, and so running is seeming a bit easier.  Big selling point for me.

Last month’s virtual race went swimmingly, so swimmingly in fact, that I’ve signed up to do another virtual race!  They are just so darn cheap fun!  (Did I mention that I won a prize last time too?  Not surprising for people that know me and know that I win stuff.  Sorry losers, that random prize has my name all over it.)  So at some point this week (Friday, I’m looking at you) I’ve got the 10k Jelly Bean virtual race!  Again, you can do the race where ever your little legs will take you and there are four events to choose from (5k, 10k, half-marathon run or half-marathon bike).  Or you can do any combination of all four…if you are a giant keener nerd.  As for me (and probably most of the other cool kids), 10k it is.  Tomorrow is the last day to sign up and you have to complete your event by April 8 – just in time for Cadbury egg snorting!  That seems like sound logic to me folks…one little race + mucho Easter candy consumption = balance.  Sign up here…now.

And finally for our little catch up (wasn’t this fun? Just like old friends getting together over coffee, except that one annoying friend dominated the whole conversation) …one more awesome thing I did while I wasn’t here – deep water running.  Read all about it here.  (Spoiler alert, I didn’t drown but somehow still managed to look like a beached whale in a one piece.)

Pinterest is the new running

A dark morning.  A lazy girl.  An enticing laptop.  Annoying running shoes.  An obvious decision.

This has pretty much been my weekends in a nutshell lately.  Why run when you can drool over other people’s walk-in closets and Chanel necklaces on Pinterest?  If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.  BUT! it hasn’t all been a big, fast waste of time…just 90% of it.  The oh-so helpful Pinterest machine managed to kick start one of my “big” 2012 goals…one new recipe a month!  January = check!

Pinterest version…pork and butternut squash stew from EverydayPaleo.

Looks pretty tasty, no?

And the “how to”….

The d-low

As some of you may know (*cough* Muffin *cough*) I’m no cook, which is why I’ve committed to trying one new recipe a month.

But I realized something this time.  I think I mostly hate prepping to cook.  Notice the ingredients above?  Shallots, coconut milk, garam masala?!?  What the crap…who owns this stuff.  I had to go to three grocery stores (Sobey’s = leeks; Farmboy = pork; Metro = coconut milk), Bulk Barn (garam masala…and miscellaneous treats because c’mon who goes to Bulk Barn and doesn’t get candy?) so that I didn’t have to buy a whole jar for 2 teaspoons of something that I’m not entirely sure what it is, and my mom-in-laws for shallots (because she actually does cook and own this stuff).  Seriously?  This is why I hate cooking.  If someone would do all of the recon and shopping, I’d be more than happy to throw things in a crock pot.  More.than.happy.

Regardless, I persevered and slaved over a warm-ish slow cooker to produce this…ta-da!!

Ew, stew

Joy of Cooking here I come!

I’m thinking next time I’ll hire a chef and food stylist before snapping a pic.  So, on to February…anyone have any “three ingredients or less”, preferably microwaveable, recipes they’d like to share?

Speaking of the wonderful world of Pinterest (what, we were still talking about it, right?  First sign of an addiction right there…everything comes back to the vice) I’ve stole a couple of other super (easy) ideas from it too.

Introducing “Awesome shit I stole from Pinterest”!

1) My festive contribution to the work Christmas potluck.  Pinterest details here.

My version of the delicious hats

2) Working it at home…I did the circuit three times and was happily huffing and puffing.  Best part…no equipment required.  (However a yoga mat is nice if you’re working on hardwood or are a big baby or both, like me.)  Pinterest link.

Indoor sweat-fest

3) Delish homemade dressing. (Pinterest deets)  I did modify the recipe a bit (remember my lack of on-hand ingredients?  It spans across all cooking genres) and basically just used plain greek yogurt, balsamic vinegar and dijon mustard – skipping honey and oil, because I couldn’t really taste the difference so decided to skip the extra calories.  And then proceeded to use the whole jar in one sitting.  Balance folks.)

Magic in a jar

4) This has been my mantra for a good 30 years or so.  Although the adding the word “disturbingly” before “messy” might be a bit more accurate.  (Pinning source)

Did not need Pinterest inspiration on this one.

And lastly, my fave project on the to-do list.  Shannaners, you + me + Prosecco = next weekend.  Pinterest success!

Very important on the must do list

First project!

I’m thinking this might be my first crochet project…

Crochetdermy + bears = true love


The streak is over

Big day today!  BIG!

After my delightfully lazy streak of non-running (11 days sans Garmin, ipod or ‘cats) I’m back!  I managed to drag my ever-lovin-expanding body out of bed this morning to waddle my way through 7.5km of pure magic.

No snow.  No ice.  No problem.  A January miracle!  Kind of.  It turns out that not only is eleven days of non-running not awesome for your fitness level, it’s also not awesome for your motivation level.

After my big finish a few weeks ago, the plan was to take a few days off from running.  A. few. days.   But because I am “goal oriented” (read: lazy unless I’ve forked over at least $60 for a race or have publicly committed myself to some retardo goal) that plan quickly morphed into sleeping in everyday, not working out at all, and generally being the antithesis of new year’s resolutions.  Most people buck up on January 1st, whereas I was busying myself with ways to incorporate melted cheese into every meal. (PS – totally doable)  But with a snow storm about to land on our doorsteps tonight, I decided that the streak would end today.

And it wasn’t that bad.  It was actually kind of nice.  No pressure, no desperate distance, no pace required.  I just ran until I didn’t feel like running anymore.  I ran like a regular person (or Forrest Gump if you will), rather than some kind of kilometer junkie trying to get her fix.  So last year.

BUT!  Was it wonderful enough to convince me to tackle 2012km in 2012?  Nope.  Not even close.  So you see that little ticker on the upper right-hand side of the page…ignore it.  I just can’t think of what I want to put there yet.  It’ll likely be a picture of myself or something as equally awesome.

Enough said.

So what are my goals for 2012?  (Because just relying on my own discipline and motivation are clearly not going to cut it.)  Without further ado…

Seriously...that's it.

Yep.  Setting the bar at “realistic” for this year.  I’ve had a few of these on my to-do list for awhile (*cough* wedding vows *cough*) so what better way to follow through than to publicly announce them?!

As for running and fitness goals?  Welp, I’m just not ready to commit to anything for a year yet, so in the meantime…here we go:

January-February goals (a bite size time frame, if you will) are to run at least x2/week and do Body Pump/weights twice a week.  I figure that’s enough to get me out of bed at least. Also, I’m back to teaching endurance spin each week (yay! I’ve missed you bikey!), so I figure now is the best time to mix up my workouts before I get the racing bug this spring.

That’s how early 2012 is shaping up for me.  What about you?  What’s your plan?  What are you hoping to accomplish this year (besides teaching me how to drive standard)?

Stay tuned for a non-running December/holiday re-cap!  What’s the big news, and more selfishly, what did I get for Christmas!?!  Anticipation!