Been there, ran that.

A sampling of the good, the bad, and the ugly.


First half-marathon, Ottawa 2005

Muffin, my hot cheerleader - T.O. 2006 (Chip time 1:49:03)

Hooles and I...many miles into the Ottawa marathon, 2006

Feelin' fresh in Ottawa

First marathon - done! (Chip time 4:07:43)

Getting pumped in rainy Miami (Chip time: 4:08:07)

London marathon 2007 - PB (3:51:45)

41km with Dad cheering us on!

Our "Cheap n' Chilly" marathon...I came in 2nd!

Whitby half 2009 (Chip time: 1:49:09)

I tried a tri...and placed 4th overall! (Time: 1:13:38)

T.O. half-marathon 2010 (1:53:50)

Peterborough half-marathon - Feb 2011 (1:52:15)

Crackalackin' through the Wellington Women's Half June 2011 (Time: 1:57)

Hamilton half-marathon 2011 (Chip time: 1:50:09)


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