About Me

The birth of FunnerRunner (circa 2011)

Why 2011km in 2011?  Because I’m the master of talking myself out of things.  Well, hard things anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m great at talking myself into things too.  New shoes, more wine, thinking that I still look pretty frickin’ good in those size “haven’t-been-my-size-in-years” jeans…you know, the easy stuff.

The hard stuff, like hitting the pavement in -20C weather, call me the Master of Excuses.  So I figure if I have to reach a certain lofty (perhaps waaay too lofty) goal, it’s one step closer to getting my fanny out the door (weather permitting, of course).

Wha, what?!  It’s 2012…now what?

After wrapping up a successful 2011km in 2011, the big question is what’s on tap for this year?

***Bbbbbrrrrrr…drum rolling..rrrrrr…pish!***

Welp, it turns out that my plan for 2012 is to continue jogging, logging and blogging.  Exciting!

I know!

Fortunately, for the sake of my sanity and marriage (but at the expense of my thighs and readership), I have no plans to run 2012km this year.  In fact, I have no plans at all!  Shoot for the stars, folks.

So bear with me as I struggle to live up to my FunnerRunner name…with the focus more on “funner” than “runner” this time around?  Have no fear though,  I’ll keep pounding the pavement (and maybe even run a few races!) so that I can at least entertain you with my stories of mediocrity in running!  New motto = under promise…and then basically stay right around that area.


2013 – and beyond!

2012 came and went…with some running, some baby baking, and even wrapped up with some more running. That said, all that baby baking resulted in a lovely little mini-muffin!

Well hello there, lovely.

Well hello there, lovely.


So time marches on and hopefully I will too. Much slower and with a little bit more baggage by means of a jogging stroller and a mum-bum.


  1. Lindsay (big sista)

    I am so, so, so proud of you! What a great website! Very funny and well put together. I’m rooting for you!

  2. Reading your blog is almost like partaking of your razor sharp wit and sparkling personality in person. I said almost. But I’ll make due by cheering you on and giggling to myself…. Hurray FunnerRunner!!!

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