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Five things Friday

1) Week one of the “2014 Challenge” challenge was a success! Four workouts which included two cycling classes, one giant ball/abs/etc. class and one run. “Run” should probably be in little quotations but technically I was running even if it was only 3km of icy hell. Which brings me to…

2) I got new kicks! Ooooh, ahhhh. Nothing is as motivating as new running shoes, yes?

Especially GRAPE coloured ones.

Especially GRAPE coloured ones.

These hot little numbers, the Salomon XR Mission CS, are great for winter running because they are grippy and also keep out the wintery crud that sneaks into your sneaks. (<– not from the catalogue. I wrote that myself. Seriously.)

“This lightweight and flexible shoe was designed for short- to middle-distance runs on both road and trail; the XR Mission CS also features a Climashield water-resistant breathable insert in the forefoot that extends its versatility to cover any kind of weather, wet or dry.” (From, but I bought mine at MEC)

Plus they are pretty.

So stay tuned for (fingers crossed) glowing reviews as I break them in a little more, but so far so good!

3) I’m back to teaching cycling! And I love it and missed it and am wildly out of shape but am so happy to be back. Come and sweat with me at Trent, Mondays at noon! (Not you, stalkers.)

4) Speaking of Trent, I’m trying out all kinds of new classes as part of the new Athletic Centre team. And guess what my muscles really hate? Trying new things! For example, I innocently went to a lunch time “Sculpt and Burn” class this week, and since, have written a strongly worded letter to management suggesting that the class name be changed immediately. Some suggestions that spring to mind (may or may not be directly related my experience):

  • “Burn and Die”
  • “Sculpt and try to re-attach your hamstrings”
  • “Sculpt and burn but never walk normally again”
  • “F*ck you, and your little mountain climbers too”

5) Local races are coming up! What are you training for? YMCA half-marathon or 5K, St. Paddy’s Day 5k, Kms for Care?


Challenge accepted!

As someone who is one part goal-oriented and one part non-committal, new year resolutions are a bit of a tricky beast for me. I love the idea of challenging myself, but realistically, a year is a REALLY long time. For example, those people that do the “photo a day” thing all year – troopers. I’m the bum that would wake up some random June morning and EFFFFFFFF remembered that I forgot to take a picture the day before. Ruined. A year is too long to commit/remember/not screw up.

So because I’m clever and awesome and modest I decided that my resolution will be to create and complete one challenge for every month of the year! Not bad, huh? month at a time.

…one month at a time.

I have a few ideas up my sleeve, but this little ninja of a resolution will allow me to change up my goals based on my mood current interests. So instead of mapping out twelve months of challenges, I’ll think of them as I go along. (Insert suggestions here)

So what’s up for January? Working out. Just like everyone else in the world. (I never thought I’d become one of those people but here I am huffing and puffing while doing up my jeans because I took an ENTIRE MONTH off of exercise. And replaced it with wine and cheeseballs.)

CHALLENGE: Four weeks = four workouts per week.

I don’t care what kind of workout or how hard or long it is (Ew.), but I just need to get back into a routine. And I love being forced into routine…doesn’t everyone?

Who’s with me? It just staaaaarted…   Week one is from January 6-12.  I’ll irritatingly nag you if you irritatingly nag me?

Sure. *snort*

Sure.  *snort*

Getting it together

It’s funny how perspective can totally change a person.

Just the other day I thought to myself, “when was the last time I ate a vegetable?”. Then I looked around at the tumbleweeds of dog fur rolling by, the stack of clean, but messy laundry piled up, and realized that I had been wearing the same pair of black stretch pants for longer than I can publicly admit. Man, I have really got to get my shit together.

Then I remembered my devastatingly handsome husband, my daughter who smiles and squeals way more than she has ever cried, and my hairy, hairy, (hairy) happy dog and decided that my definition of having everything just perfect has definitely changed. And I’m a-ok with that.

Here’s to a new year and being thankful for many good things.

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