A new gig

Remember that fantastic (Walking Dead-like even?) cliffhanger from last week? Sure. Ok.

Welp, I think I’ve dotted and crossed off all of the appropriate letters and I can let you in on my little news.

Folks, I’m leaving corporate and turning granola. Translation: goodbye Goodlife Fitness, hello Trent Athletics Centre!

Granola and bikes

Even the gym smells like patchouli…and I like it.

After, oh, eight or so years with my lovely Goodlife Fitness, I started to realize that my new schedule just wasn’t jiving with their schedule anymore. Which really means, when I only get to hang with mini-Muffin for about 2 hours a night, I’m really not keen to spend at least an hour of that at the gym. Go figure.  And my beloved 6am time slot is also a no-go now that I’m 1) living in the wilderboonies and 2) have a hardworking husband who leaves the house before 5am every morning. (Stalkers and murderers, disregard!)  So 6am = baby duty now.

As I mentioned before, in an effort to maximize my time away from home, I’ve been running at lunch or late afternoon which seems to be working pretty well. But I wasn’t quite ready to give up the gym scene just yet (mostly because my love-affair with running can be described as sporadic at best). Enter Trent Athletics Centre! Hooray! The kind folks there have hired me as a substitute instructor for now and hopefully, someday in the not too super-distant future, I’ll get on the schedule for a lunch or afternoon class. And in the meantime, I’m still able to attend their classes to miraculously try to get my soggy legs back into cycling shape. Yeesh. I mean…I’m super fit and sporty and hiring me was an excellent decision!


I think patios count as outdoors, no?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all win-win. Win because I’m really excited to start something new, I’m already liking the classes at the AC, and yes, I’m pumped to join their team. But don’t be fooled, I’ll miss that Goodlife family crazy amounts too. To all those fantastic 6am faces, have no fear, you’ll see me on a free day buying a day pass just to get a little RPM or Body Pump fix.

But I’ll be the one in Birks and wool socks.


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