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Just a prediction…

….buuut, I’m guessing this might turn out to be the longest summer for me EVER.

So yeah, I’ll start.

Dear Summer….Really?  Already?!

You’d think that running between 6-7am would be the responsible, smart thing to do in these kinds of temperatures.  Get out while the getting is good.  Guess what?  It wasn’t even remotely good then.

Totally accurate weather forecast.

Actually here is the ACTUAL FREAKING WEATHER from this morning…right about the time I was wheezing my way back up my driveway from a sluggish 6k run.  Yes SIX.  That’s it.  (And yet somehow I still lived to tell.)

I really thought it would be my increasingly gargantuan belly that would do me in on the running scene…not you, dear summer.  Old friend.  I already hate winter….it just doesn’t feel right to begrudge my beloved warmth and sunshine too.  But c’mon, at least give me the early mornings before the blinding heat sets in, mkay?

Great.  Good talk.

BUT all of this heat is making me even more excited for my next little attempt at staying upright (when all I really want to do is curl up on top of the AC vent).  Hello deep water running classes!

I’ve signed up to VOLUNTARILY squeeze myself into a one-piece in public (OMFG) to take part in an oh-so awesome deep water running course running throughout July and August.  Fries n’gravy, if I’m going to look like a whale, I might as well go balls to the wall and make it authentic by flapping around in a semi-large body of water too.

Actually, because my cycling instruction days are now on the decline and the angry sun is going to make it next to impossible to run outdoors sooner than later, I really wanted something that would be active, fun and totally manageable EVEN if you are smuggling a watermelon under your swim suit.  I did the same class years ago with Hooles and then recently tried it again for the Exercise Diaries and really liked it both times.  So if you are wondering what the deuce it’s all about, pop over to read my recap here.  And if morbid curiosity is calling to you about what a 30-something year old woman would look like when stuffed into sausage casing, join the class!  It’ll be like a wave pool once I get flailing around in there.  FUN!

Warning: front row may get wet.


Mini-Muffin baking progress

Baby bumpin’ at 22 weeks

What’s been going on lately…

  • Bump – The bump has arrived!  Funny how one day you just wake up and all of a sudden your belly can no longer be attributed to pretzels and soup bloating.  Mini-Muffin is starting to stretch out and take up some space.  Speaking of, at 22 weeks the little fetal beetle is about 11 inches (the length of a spaghetti squash) and almost a whopping 1 pound.  So maybe this belly is a biiiit pretzels afterall….and frozen yogurt.
  • Mood – I feel great.  Seriously.  I’m not sure if the hormonal crying comes later or what, but so far I’ve only been crying at the really important, cry-worthy things.  Yes, a voicemail from Dudes is important and a guy with a stutter on “America’s Got Talent” is totally cry-worthy.
  • Exercise – I’m managing to run a couple times a week, do Body Pump and will still be teaching cycling for a couple more weeks.  My hope is to run for as long as I can however this past week was the first time I had a bit of discomfort afterwards.  I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that things are getting a little heavier up in here.
  • Food – yes, please!
  • On the to-do list – research maternity support belts to find out if they are worth the moula and will actually provide some extra support during sweat sessions.  So anyone…tips?
  • What I’m loving – Maternity pants.  Seriously.  It’s like a whole new world of comfort.  It’s so nice not to have to rock, paper, scissors with myself over what pair of jeans I should try and jam myself into each day.  I may never go back. (Muffin, I’m sorry that I’m not sorry)
  • What I’m annoyed with – Not being able to sleep on my back.  I’m a back sleeper and every.single.freaking.night I wake up in a panic because I’m on my back again.  (TWSS)

Oh and one last thing…did I mention that this sweet little thing is made of sugar and spice and all things nice?

It’s a girl!

Tutus and ruffled leg warmers here we come!  Because we’ll have to match, right?


Ah shoot.  Sometimes (like very rarely) my ability to convey sarcasm in writing falls short.  I know, I’m having a hard time believing it myself.

However, much to my surprise, I discovered after reading some comments and texts that I may have led some folks into thinking I’ve accomplished waaaay more than I actually have in the last few weeks.

Remember this little line from my post a few weeks ago“I ran a couple of marathons, learned to knit AND drive standard, and dug a pool in our backyard, but that’s about it.  No biggie smalls.”

Full disclosure – I did none of those things.  In fact I thought that that list was so impossibly outrageous that my joke would be hilariously apparent.  Apparently not.  Apparently some of you (some of my very most quick-witted readers I might add) have much higher hopes for me.  Silly gooses.

So no, my 2012 goals of learning to knit and drive standard have not come to fruition (YET) and even more upsetting, we are not getting a pool.  Sorry Shannaners, the mini-pool (aka: lukewarm hot tub) will have to do for now.

“Slide back to the wall! You are blocking the bubble jets! Repeat! You are blocking the bubble jets!”

Okaaaay, after that little slap to the ego about all of the things I haven’t done, let’s get on with what I have done.  (Equally impressive…don’t worry.)  <– See?  That’s sarcasm.

1) Hang out with awesome house guests (Come back soon, McKivies!) – check.

2) Pilfer entire maternity wardrobe from super generous post-preggos (thanks Mrs’ Boa, Bravo and Laporte!) – check.

3) Get pumpity-pumped for this weekend’s house guests (Welcome home, Gornacs!) – check.

4) Deal with the fact that all of my summer social events will be spent sober.  All of them.  – working on it.

Or “I’ll be less of a raging, pouty bitch…”

If Snooki can do it, I can do it.

(Stay sober, that is.)

And lastly,

5), keep on truckin’ – check.  I’ve managed to keep up with my workouts on a fairly consistent basis so far.  For sure there are mornings that I just don’t feel like running, so I don’t.  But for the most part, I’ve managed at least 2-3 runs per week and they range from about 6k – 10k.  And truthfully, I have never been happier to have running partners.  They are by far the only reason I’m still running.

Each solo run I do is either a) cancelled by moi, or b) total crap.

So if you are feeling large and in charge (Like some of us are.  Shut up.) or are just lacking a bit of motivation, your first step is to get a partner STAT and then keep your mind off that shit.  Would you rather spend your run stressing about if it’s physically possible for legs to actually spontaneously fall off OR spend it chatting away about boobs and placentas*?  (*subject matter left to the runners’ discretion)

I know what I would pick.  (And Hooles and Jen, thanks for letting me talk about boobs and placentas with you.)

Speaking of, I’ll be adding a meggo-preggo update on the mini-Muffin this weekend!  (Pinky swear, not a peep about my “lacenta-pay”.  There is such a thing as TMI…Hi Gramps!)