In running news…

In case anyone is keeping track, you may have noticed that the Smiths Falls Spring Fling Running Thing has come and gone…with ne’er a word from yours truly.  (PS – Thank omgoodness because I am so sick of googling the name of that freaking race because I can never freaking remember what freaking order the rhymes go in)

Try spelling it

Yes, I wimped out.  Took the chicken’s route.  Declared myself in a delicate state and begged for a refund.  Which, much to my delight, I actually received.  Thank you race organizers! (…even though the name of your race is highly irritating for lazy, forgetful people like me)  I’m a bit sad however about the whole thing.  I would have liked to get one more training season and big race under my belt before giving it up for awhile.  But honestly, I just couldn’t wrap my head around pushing my body really hard at the moment.   A half-marathon is still a challenging distance for me and I really didn’t want to tarnish my outstanding race resultsAhem.  (Of course I’m kidding…all of my impressive-ish times were lost when I changed to my married name and started racing with the additional newlywed 15lbs.  The good stuff is under “Boot“).

Ack, I’m way off topic.

Moral of the story – I wimped out of my half-marathon because of the fetal beetle and am kind of regretting it.  Because really, I could have trained and just puttered along, yelling “I’m running for two, JACKASS!” as elderly women ran by me.  Maybe another time.  Pity party for one, please.

Suck it, fatso.

But in happy running news, I’ve managed to coerce not one, but TWO lucky duckies to run with me on a weekly basis.  The first is Hooles, who you may recall as my original running-partner-in-crime.  After I hurt my IT band a few years ago, followed up by Hooles’ no return policy on the carrying and birthing of awesome little B-rock, our goals really didn’t line up so we were forced to hang out over wine and camping vs. running dates.  But we’re back baby!  With neither of us really wanting (or capable of ) more than just some company and to get a few kilometers in, we’re the perfect pair again.  That is until I balloon up and she leaves me in the dust.  But for now, I’m loving our Thursday evening run/gab/wheeze sessions.

Hooles and FunnerRunner = * N SYNC

Secondly, I have a brand spanking new Wednesday morning running partner.  We’ve known each other from the gym for a few years but we just never put it together that “hey, I like running! And you like running! Shall we?”.  So for the past two weeks we’ve headed out for 6am runs and it’s great.  You never know what it’ll be like running with someone new…will we have stuff to talk about?  Are we similar in pace/goals/distance?  Will she look better than me in spandex? Does this mean I have to brush my teeth first?  (Answers: yes, yes, yes, and yes)  There are so many things that need to come together to make a good running pair.  Like an onion really…the layers, the depth, the tears.  So the next time you see two people running together, feel free to give ’em the old slow clap just to let them know that you know it’s not as easy as it looks.

My hope is that these two ladies will keep me accountable and motivated, because cheese n’ rice, we all know I need something other than willpower to get me out the door.

PS – I really did tackle trifle.  This building up business doesn’t mean that it’s an awesome story.  But guess what, you’ll get to hear it anyway!

Did you run in the Smiths Falls Springy Flingy Stupid Wordy race?  How did it go?

Have you ever registered for a race, and then faked a pregnancy to get out of it?  (KIDDING MOM! Pick Eduardo up off the floor…)


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  1. LOLing @ dad fainting to the floor!

  2. That was the only picture you had of me…..really!

  3. You’re right. Actually we both look pretty good under the circumstances. Thank you for not posting the Miami picture. I believe some parts of that trip are best forgotten. Bye, bye, bye……

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