Just a little slice of lemon (pinky promise)!

So I guess a little bigger than a jelly bean...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your big, fat, warm wishes this week!

And as much as Muffin and I enjoyed reading all of your comments and congratulation notes, it certainly was a quick reminder that shit just got real up in here.  Or at least it will come October.  So, yeah, thanks…  😉

So. very. real.

Kidding aside, obviously we’re super excited and can’t wait to share every gory little detail with you and the rest of the world via the internet!  (Feel free to unsubscribe now.  I would.)

No…wait.  That’s not likely to happen at all.  (RE-SUBSCRIBE! RE-SUBSCRIBE!!!) I have a hard enough time sharing juuuust enough personal information here to still be able to show my face around the office, so I’m not about to start talking about gas and nipples and other frightening pregnancy related things that my know-it-all “friends” have shared with me already.

That’s just not my bag, baby. (<– not a “baby” reference, just me being my cool self.)

Nope.  This is a running blog…that may or may not mention running for weeks at a time..and that’s the way I intend to keep it, DANG NABBIT!!  I’m hoping to run for as long as it feels good* and fill you in with relevant, won’t scare my dude friends away from me forever, hilarious! updates as they ensue.  (*as good as running ever feels…in the summer…after you grow cankles and add a thousand pounds to a 5’2″ frame).

Did I say a thousand pounds? Maybe a thousand-ish.

So don’t be scared away by the new header and category tag…it’s true I am a meggo-preggo, but I’m going to try to be a FunnerRunner for as long as I can hang in there.  Wish me luck and stay tuned!

Stay with me - I promise not to be annoying! (At least not more annoying than usual!)

PS – Coming up this week…an update on the Smiths Falls Spring Fling Running Thing race, new running buddies and I tackle trifle (figuratively)!


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  1. Wow…congrats, Natalie!! Looking forward to reading your continuing adventures with the expanding waist line!!

    Jackie 🙂

  2. Congratulations! And some motivation….my last race, the Energizer Night Race, I ran my best 10K ever (49 minutes), I was so happy and proud. It was an out 5kms, and back the same route race. The only bothersome detail was that at approximately the 4km mark I was lapped by what looked like an extremely fit, 9 month pregnant woman…and she wasn’t even huffing or puffing. So you can do it! I’ve seen it! It beat me! It beat me by a lot! Good luck.

    • Hilarious! That is motivating! (If I recall, your sister was pretty motivating too. I may have called her a something-something when I saw that cute little bump at the gym. They’ll likely have to move furniture for me…) Thanks for the note!

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