It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Are you starting to wonder how I even manage to keep a job with this stellar ability to keep deadlines?  Magic, I tell ya.

So no.  It doesn’t look like Christmas anywhere around these parts.

Onesie Twinsies!

(Because that’s what Christmas actually looks like around our parts)

BUT! I still want to show off my cool running swag that Santa showered me with a mere, oh, month or so ago.

Without further procrastination ado….Christmas goodies! (…and a whole whack of less-than-professional-quality photos! Of me!)

1) Lobers – Earmuffs with built in speakers so you can plug your iPod right into them!  AKA – brilliant!

Lova-love the Lobers

I saw these once online and, as usual, they didn’t ship to Canada.  (Honestly, we’re not that far…Athleta, I’m mostly looking at you.)  But that crafty big sis‘ of mine managed to snag a pair for me!  (We saw them at a department store in Kingston…I can find out for sure if that’s where she got them if you are interested.)  But long story short…they’re awesome.  Good sound quality, they stay on my head and they’re warm.  Win, win, win.  These beauties are especially great for people like me who LOATHE ear buds (or ear buds loathe me…but I think the feeling is pretty mutual).  It’s pretty tricky to wear a toque and old school headphones and manage to look like a superstar.  I mean, I can pull it off, but it takes some work.

2) Due North Traction Aids – my new favourite piece of gear.

Like a ninja

I’ve been running for a few years now…including training throughout the winter for various races in various years (Around the Bay ’06, Miami Marathon ’07, Peterborough Half 2011) and I have never ever attempted to wear cleats, spikes, yak trax, etc.  And honestly, I have no idea why.  I’m guessing it’s because I’m an idiot, but nevertheless, thank you, thank you Mimded & Eduardo for tossing these magic-makers into my gift pile on a whim!  And outside of running, I’m pumped to try these at bootcamp next week…but that’s a story for another day.  Or month…depending on how awesome I am at blogging in my usual timely fashion.

3) Gloves – because I lost one of my other ones.  Damn you , laundry monster.

Jazz hands!

Just a heads up, these are listed as men’s gloves on the MEC site.  Either I have man-hands or they are a toight, toight glove for most fellas.

4) Lululemon’s Run: Inspire Crop

Another example of my outstanding photography skills

I also like to call these my “buttah pants” because baby, they feel as smooth as butter going on.  I do own or have owned most athletic brands of pants, and NOTHING feels as great as lulu.  Haspansive?  Obs.  Worth it? 100%.  (Thank you Mama McGlone for the splurge!)

5) Chicken Soup for the Runner’s Soul

The Thinker

Truthfully I haven’t started this book yet.  I’ve been busy working my way through a riveting chapter in US magazine about “who wore it best” so that’s been eating up a bunch of my time.  No seriously, I love that I have this and will definitely be pulling it out soon as part of my “return to asphalt plan”.  But for now I’ll just drool over the cover guy’s calves.  Baby steps, people.

6) My one-of-a-kind medal & bib display!

Made with love...and a lotta talent.

Every year the Boot famille draws a name and makes one homemade gift for that person (in addition to real gifts, because unlike my Mom, some of us aren’t crafty enough to create something that would warrant being called an actual gift).  And lucky-ducky me, Mimded picked my name and made me this AH.MAH.ZING. medal display!  And the pockets behind it are to keep random running stuff in…Garmin, charger, ipod, etc.  Genius, no?  And now I’m on my way to having an Uncle Jim wall…only 6000 more medals to go!

brag wall


So that’s my new(ish) running stuff…what did you get?  What am I missing?! (e.g. something even better than spikes!?!)

And don’t think that I forgot…I know I mentioned awhile ago that there was BIG NEWS!  So big in fact that I’ve kept it to myself for a couple of months…

…nope, I bet it’s not what you are thinking.  Especially if you are my mother-in-law….


These crazy kids are getting hitched!!

The beautiful people

Congrats McKivies!!

I am so, so excited for you both!  I love you and know that you are about to start an even more amazing adventure together!  (Especially when you inevitably become our neighbors.  In Ontario.  Just sayin’…we Bootmans are a good time.)

Even blingey-er. (Totally a word)


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  1. Jealous of your cool medal display! I hope to need one one day.

  2. I have a (huge) lululemon addiction. Eeeek, love love love it all! Run: Inspire Crops are amazing aren’t they?!

    Also jealous of your medal display! Such a great idea 🙂

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