2011km in 2011

12 months

Four seasons

154 runs

A bazillion eye rolls and “stupid, stupid, stupid” self-talks

Three Garmins

Don't judge my time...it was very snowy. And slow. And gross.

2011.59 km

One happy FunnerRunner

Hooray…2011km in the books!  No sweat…easy as pie…let’s do it all again.

Actually, no.  Not at all.  Just ask Muffin…someone was not an easy gal to be around these last few weeks.  Ahem.

Looking back (feeling nostalgic already and it’s only been 3 days), it wasn’t so much the distance that was tough…any marathoner could have easily done over 2000km in one year – no problemo (just ask SkinnyRunner who ran over 2500 MILES this year…and wasn’t trying to).  For me the tricky part of this challenge was sticking with something for an entire year.  As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I’m a bit of a quitter.  Especially when July rolled around and my coveted half way mark was waaaay off in the distance, yes -that would have been a lovely time to “twist my ankle” and throw in the towel.

But!  Guess why I didn’t?  Because so many people were so, so, so annoying amazing in asking me what was up, how I was doing, why my bum was so large if I was supposedly running so much, etc.  There was no way I could quit when so many people believed in me.

(Cue Bette Midler)

Seriously though, from folks that I haven’t talked to since high school to absolute strangers, every comment, page view, “way to go!” and ‘like’ helped me along!  I’m not going to start listing people, but you all know who you are…thanks, thanks, thanks!

And given that I was such a huge, angry, whiny baby during my last three runs because it actually SNOWED…in DECEMBER…in CANADA?!…BARF...I am so, so grateful for good weather.  Sorry everyone who was wishin’ and hopin’ for a white Christmas because I was totally rooting against that pipe dream.  Sorry ’bout your luck.

A sincere shout out to the Big Guy (no, not Muffin in this case) for good health, an injury free year and for lighting a fire under me when I wasn’t feeling it.

Muffin, a thousand thanks for putting up with my bipolar attitude towards running, my running gear shopaholicism, my limping, my races and for letting me share it all on the internet!  I would be a lazy bum if it weren’t for you.  And I’m pretty sure I’m about to become one, so yeah…hope you are getting used to seeing me in these Lulu joggers.

And lastly, how can I say thanks to the people who let me write about them, post their beautiful mugs all over the place, steal their photos, poke fun at their expense, etc.?  I can’t do it justice, so to show my gratitude I’ll continue to use you as blog fodder for another year or so.  You’re welcome!

Welp, if this was the Oscars the cheesy music would have cut me off a long time ago, so cheers to 2011km and cheers to you all!

What’s up for 2012?  I’m taking suggestions…but will likely just write about my adventures from the living room, so don’t get too creative.


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  1. I would DIE to run 15 miles in the snow. Any any amount of time. very inspiring. How about a goal for 2012…run 12 miles. Boom. Easy peasy. Then you can just relax and do your thang however you see fit! 😉

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