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Just me?

Um, hello?

Is this thing on?


“Hi, my name is FunnerRunner and I’m a winter hater.  A true hater.  Like I want to drag it into a dark alley, stab it with my snowscraper-turned-shank and steal it’s lunch money. Then probably shank it again – just to teach it a lesson.”

Is it just me or has this month been horrifically longer than any other month EVER in the history of time?  The worst part – there is still another freaking week to go!

I can’t be the only one who is finding it hard to muster up any enthusiasm…a smidgen of motivation…a hoot of good cheer…am I?  Two of my favourite things are writing and running and I’m having hard time even doing those.  Proof in pudding…my oh-so hectic, newly adapted, bi-weekly running and blogging schedule (meaning every two weeks, not twice a week…sad, I know).  Why run in the dark, cold outdoors when I can spoon a warm golden retriever for an extra two hours each morning?  Why blog about being a fun runner when clearly I’m neither right now (and Netflix has added ALL THREE SEASONS! of the original Degrassi Junior High!!)?


Well the madness has got to end.  (Plus I have to get that Zit Remedy song out of my head eventually.  It is shockingly catchy.)  As Muffin would say, “Pull out of ‘er” (he also uses this piece of advice when I do something dumb like, oh random example, use the George Foreman without the plates).  It’s a great motivator, no?

I’ve learned that just making yourself get out of a funk is the best way to get better quick.  I can’t just curse away dark mornings and cold days…like I am currently doing…life is too short.  As someone who lives in Canada (and plans on continuing to do just that for the foreseeable future) lying on the couch hating a good four months out of the year is simply not helping.

So, I apologize for ignoring you little blog.  From now on I’ll spew out daily posts about nothing, turn out content like the production whore that is expected of me, pilfer and steal from other blogs!  INTERNET DOMINATION!!  Gah.  No not at all.  But I will try really hard to resume quality, magical writing…

Pure magic!

Whatever, I’ll get back to writing when there is something worth writing about.  Deal?  Deal.

That said, I still have to recap you on December’s awesomeness!  It, unlike it’s socially awkward cousin January, had lots of cool stuff happening, so what better time to fill you in than a month after the fact?!

Until then, a gratuitous puppy Piper photo.

Seriously, who wouldn't spoon with her?


First project!

I’m thinking this might be my first crochet project…

Crochetdermy + bears = true love


The streak is over

Big day today!  BIG!

After my delightfully lazy streak of non-running (11 days sans Garmin, ipod or ‘cats) I’m back!  I managed to drag my ever-lovin-expanding body out of bed this morning to waddle my way through 7.5km of pure magic.

No snow.  No ice.  No problem.  A January miracle!  Kind of.  It turns out that not only is eleven days of non-running not awesome for your fitness level, it’s also not awesome for your motivation level.

After my big finish a few weeks ago, the plan was to take a few days off from running.  A. few. days.   But because I am “goal oriented” (read: lazy unless I’ve forked over at least $60 for a race or have publicly committed myself to some retardo goal) that plan quickly morphed into sleeping in everyday, not working out at all, and generally being the antithesis of new year’s resolutions.  Most people buck up on January 1st, whereas I was busying myself with ways to incorporate melted cheese into every meal. (PS – totally doable)  But with a snow storm about to land on our doorsteps tonight, I decided that the streak would end today.

And it wasn’t that bad.  It was actually kind of nice.  No pressure, no desperate distance, no pace required.  I just ran until I didn’t feel like running anymore.  I ran like a regular person (or Forrest Gump if you will), rather than some kind of kilometer junkie trying to get her fix.  So last year.

BUT!  Was it wonderful enough to convince me to tackle 2012km in 2012?  Nope.  Not even close.  So you see that little ticker on the upper right-hand side of the page…ignore it.  I just can’t think of what I want to put there yet.  It’ll likely be a picture of myself or something as equally awesome.

Enough said.

So what are my goals for 2012?  (Because just relying on my own discipline and motivation are clearly not going to cut it.)  Without further ado…

Seriously...that's it.

Yep.  Setting the bar at “realistic” for this year.  I’ve had a few of these on my to-do list for awhile (*cough* wedding vows *cough*) so what better way to follow through than to publicly announce them?!

As for running and fitness goals?  Welp, I’m just not ready to commit to anything for a year yet, so in the meantime…here we go:

January-February goals (a bite size time frame, if you will) are to run at least x2/week and do Body Pump/weights twice a week.  I figure that’s enough to get me out of bed at least. Also, I’m back to teaching endurance spin each week (yay! I’ve missed you bikey!), so I figure now is the best time to mix up my workouts before I get the racing bug this spring.

That’s how early 2012 is shaping up for me.  What about you?  What’s your plan?  What are you hoping to accomplish this year (besides teaching me how to drive standard)?

Stay tuned for a non-running December/holiday re-cap!  What’s the big news, and more selfishly, what did I get for Christmas!?!  Anticipation!

Flashback: December (aka my little slice of hell)

Just in case y’all were wondering how December shaped up…I managed to log a few miles.

Procrastination at its finest

2011km in 2011

12 months

Four seasons

154 runs

A bazillion eye rolls and “stupid, stupid, stupid” self-talks

Three Garmins

Don't judge my was very snowy. And slow. And gross.

2011.59 km

One happy FunnerRunner

Hooray…2011km in the books!  No sweat…easy as pie…let’s do it all again.

Actually, no.  Not at all.  Just ask Muffin…someone was not an easy gal to be around these last few weeks.  Ahem.

Looking back (feeling nostalgic already and it’s only been 3 days), it wasn’t so much the distance that was tough…any marathoner could have easily done over 2000km in one year – no problemo (just ask SkinnyRunner who ran over 2500 MILES this year…and wasn’t trying to).  For me the tricky part of this challenge was sticking with something for an entire year.  As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I’m a bit of a quitter.  Especially when July rolled around and my coveted half way mark was waaaay off in the distance, yes -that would have been a lovely time to “twist my ankle” and throw in the towel.

But!  Guess why I didn’t?  Because so many people were so, so, so annoying amazing in asking me what was up, how I was doing, why my bum was so large if I was supposedly running so much, etc.  There was no way I could quit when so many people believed in me.

(Cue Bette Midler)

Seriously though, from folks that I haven’t talked to since high school to absolute strangers, every comment, page view, “way to go!” and ‘like’ helped me along!  I’m not going to start listing people, but you all know who you are…thanks, thanks, thanks!

And given that I was such a huge, angry, whiny baby during my last three runs because it actually SNOWED…in DECEMBER…in CANADA?!…BARF...I am so, so grateful for good weather.  Sorry everyone who was wishin’ and hopin’ for a white Christmas because I was totally rooting against that pipe dream.  Sorry ’bout your luck.

A sincere shout out to the Big Guy (no, not Muffin in this case) for good health, an injury free year and for lighting a fire under me when I wasn’t feeling it.

Muffin, a thousand thanks for putting up with my bipolar attitude towards running, my running gear shopaholicism, my limping, my races and for letting me share it all on the internet!  I would be a lazy bum if it weren’t for you.  And I’m pretty sure I’m about to become one, so yeah…hope you are getting used to seeing me in these Lulu joggers.

And lastly, how can I say thanks to the people who let me write about them, post their beautiful mugs all over the place, steal their photos, poke fun at their expense, etc.?  I can’t do it justice, so to show my gratitude I’ll continue to use you as blog fodder for another year or so.  You’re welcome!

Welp, if this was the Oscars the cheesy music would have cut me off a long time ago, so cheers to 2011km and cheers to you all!

What’s up for 2012?  I’m taking suggestions…but will likely just write about my adventures from the living room, so don’t get too creative.