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The last lap

2011km jogged and logged.  Done and done!  Full recap to come once I get my face out of the champagne.


Home stretch!

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m down to just FIVE running days and 42km left before the end of this challenge.  It was touch and go there for awhile (read: the first 9 months of the year) but *fingers crossed, DONOTJINXTHIS!!* things are looking pretty good.

So for the next few days, I’m on a mission.  Mother nature…yeah, you…I’m watching you like a hawk.

Outta my way

The forecast is a bit sketchy this week, but thankfully, it’s really the only foreseeable things that will stand in the way of me reaching 2011km by Saturday.

Hoping for a better ending than this

But who knows, I could come down with food poisoning and a complete case of the lazy’s…you just never know.


But seeing as though I am planning on treating myself to something awfully special, like a car or Vespa so that I never have to even consider running again once this challenge is over, I am highly motivated.

Wish me luck and stay tuned!  (Or instead of just useless wishing, you could fly me somewhere with dry pavement and sunny rays for the next 40-ish kms…B-Mac, I’m looking at you…)

Life outside of running

So now that you are all (painfully) caught up on how my loggin’ the joggin’ is trucking along (what?! I believe in accountability!), it’s time for LIFE OUTSIDE OF RUNNING! Yes, I do have one.

First, an update.  Remember the push up challenge that was taking everyone by storm?!  After a solid start all around, it turns out that we all soon realized that push ups suck.  And are super hard. So, super sucky.

Push ups = not as fun as dry humping

And when the going gets tough, the tough get outta dodge.  Well, at least 80% of us do.  One brave soul heaved and sweated and pushed his way to victory!

This guy!...wait....

Actually, no…it was this guy!


Way to go Eduardo!  He followed the whole six week program and breezed through 100 consecutive push ups – no sweat.  Well maybe a little bit of sweat.  (And tears? C’mon…you can tell us…) Awesome job, Dad!  Your prize is in the “mail” (aka. there is no prize).  Plus you can gloat, brag and rub it in all of our faces…because let’s face it, if we weren’t such babies, that’s what we would do too.

(Just FYI – I started week 3 about 3 times before throwing in the towel and declaring that push ups are stupid)

In weather news (which is coincidentally tied to running news…so much for life outside of running), ol’ man winter is sneaking up on us like a Kardashian on a wide-eyed basketball player.  I’ve even brought out the ‘cats on a few occasions this month!  And just FYI…they are still ah.mah.zing.  Not so ahmahzing that I’m asking for a snow-ice-death mix, but they make crap weather much more bearable.

Return of the 'cats (ignore my 5:45am face)

With winter comes the only real reason for ever wishing November to end… CHRIIIIISTMAAAAAS!  Muffin and I kicked off our annual holly-jolly traditions with a trip to the tree farm…

Hard at work

Where he did all of the work…as Piper and I had a little photo shoot…

Not so hard at work

It was the first time EVER in our tree harvesting years together that we found a half decent tree with little to no arguing/scene making/stomping/crying.  And he didn’t even swear!  A Griswold miracle!

Having tromped and bossed and demanded “bigger! better!” all day at the tree lot, I had worked up an appetite and was pumped for gingerbread house making.  Also known as the reason for my season.  Nothing says good clean fun like snorting icing from a plastic bag while arm wrestling your husband for the extra jujubes.

Gingerbread, you complete me.

My new BFF...for the next 30 seconds.

Happily, things are definitely starting to look a lot like Christmas around the Bootman homestead.  Even with all the gingerbread barf everywhere.

Next random topic…the Exercise Diaries are going swimmingly!  If you haven’t had a chance to pop over yet, you are lazy and a crap friend.

(I’ll let that sink in a bit)

However you can still redeem yourself!  Scoot over and check out how I fared with the Runner’s Life pro-stars.  (Yes!  I actually wrote about running for once.  Who am I?!)

Off to Runner's Life to pretend like I know what I'm doing

I even made a return to hot yoga.  It’s all in the name of research…but you’ll have to wait to read all about that adventure.

Trying to take a change room photo without looking like a creeper

And (almost) lastly, when I’m not running or writing, I’m doing what every other 20-40 year old woman is doing…I’m on Pinterest.  If you haven’t devoted every waking minute to it discovered it yet, c’mon out from your rock or Facebook or wherever you are currently wasting your free time and start wasting away your days on Pinterest…with me!

What it is...

That said, you’ve been warned.  Pinterest is the new crack-cocaine, but more addictive.  And prettier.  And your teeth won’t go all weird. it usually plays out.

And finally, finally, a little something festive for your screen saver.  My gift to you.  You are WELCOME.

Holiday special! Ornament available for 3 easy payments of $19.99


Whether it’s crunching numbers or crunch time or crunch me up a vicodin-codeine-baby tylenol-flintstonevitamin cocktail…my world is all about crunch right now.

So December has arrived…despite my zealous attempts at “willing” it not to.  I’m T-31* days until the big eagle lands.  For you non-marine types, that means that I’ve got a mere 30 more days to haul this hiney through a *few* more kilometres.  (*update, I’ve had this in “draft” for awhile and am now at 28 days.  Yes!  Equally as lazy in writing and running.)

Let’s see how the past 11 months have gone…and if my past performance will be an indicator of the next month.  Fingers crossed that it’s not.

Off to a swimming bright eyed and bushy-tailed. So naive.

So basically, you can ignore most of the above image.  What we’re interested in is the monthly “Total kilometers”.  That’s it.  Mostly because after January, I quit recording other activities and times.  I quickly realized that I don’t care about anything other than building mileage.

Pushing through the winter horror

I think the realization of how awful this idea was started to set in about mid-February.

Back on the gravy train!

Clearly my priorities are back in order!  Actually this is pre-Jamaica so it was a last ditch effort to literally run my ass off.


Clearly, Jamaica + rum + running does not exist in my world.

Back to dry sidewalks!

Hooray – spring has sprung!  However, I would still love to go back to my “May self” and say, “Self, it’s a beautiful, warm spring day.  Get your whiny ass out of bed so that your “December self” doesn’t want to cut you in the face.  Mmmkay?”

Another "race" month

Having a race month is pretty much just giving myself permission to lie around and “taper” and then lie around some more while “recuperating”.  Genius at the time.  Now?  Not so much.


Not too shabby…considering all of the camping, birthday binge drinking and whatnot.  If I recall, I had high hopes of hitting the halfway point at around, say, half of the way.  I’m pretty sure we all know how that turned out…

Panic starts to set in

After a disappointing first half/missed the mark, I clearly started to panic around August.  Turns out that fear is an excellent motivator for me!  Made it halfway!

Running and cowboys

Obviously I’m not one of those (irritating) people who can run and vacation at the same time.  Nope.  Those two activities and this gal just don’t mix.  I prefer my vacations straight up…all booze and sugar, with little to no movement unless you count dancing on stools.

Kickin' asphalt...finally.

Things are getting serious up in here.  October was all about desperately trying to catch the last of 2011’s decent weather and getting ready for Hamilton.  Even getting skunked didn’t slow this all-star down too much.  Actually it did, but whatevs.

Home stretch-ish

Which brings us to the end of November.  Magically, snow and other miscellaneous devil weather has managed to find some other province to torment – so I guess all of my chanting and bribing really paid off.

*Update – this week actually ended up at 78.05km.  I was just way too super lazy to get another screen shot.  Sorry…but not really.

So as the days fly by I’ll be sure to keep y’all posted.  Because I’m sure you are all just as fascinated by numbers and tables and calendars and calculators as I am.  Just. as. interested.