Bittersweet in Hamilton: Part one

November 6th was a good day.

Not “Dear diary, today is the best day of my life” good, but certainly not “Running sucks, I’m useless, get the hella out of my way before I start drop kicking throats” either.

Sage advice.

Let’s back up about to about week or so pre-race.

Me (happily wandering around local running store, stocking up on Vanilla Gu gels): Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-A-Dee-A, My oh my, what a wonderf…

Handsome store owner: Hey there gorgeous*, stocking up I see. Race coming up?

*Not verbatim

Me (slightly off guard, but still managing to be cool): Gah, um, yeah, I, er, like, run.  Me, burp, Hammer, go. Yep, you pretty. Pfffft.

Handsome store owner (slightly taken aback, yet remaining charmingly composed): Good for you!  There’s a bunch of us locals going too. What’s your goal?

Me: Break 1:50.

Me (internal dialogue): What the eff was that?  Since when?  SINCE WHEN?! 1:50. You’re an idiot.  Abort before you say anything else retarded, ABORT!

Me: Yeah, no biggie. I’m super fast and pretty awesome.

Me (internal dialogue): Holy hell, get out now.

You see, I broke 1:50 once…in 2006. (Toronto Marathon, 1:49:03).  When I was 1000 lbs lighter and fueled by the intensity of Hooles.  And ever since then, I’ve hovered around 1:50 (1:53 TO Marathon 2010; 1:52 Peterborough 2011…and a few other slower, crappier ones) but haven’t really tried to train differently or harder to change that time.  And I certainly hadn’t done anything differently for this upcoming race. In fact I was working off a mighty THREE long(ish) runs, so not exactly record breaking strategies going on there.

I left the store with a handful of gels, an unreasonable goal and a pit in my stomach. (And one less person who will ever make eye contact with me again)

Fast forward to race weekend.

Muffin and I made our way to ‘The Hammer’ on Saturday, which was a nice change from leaving at the crack of dawn for race kit pick up on race day.  (Reason number 396 of why Muffin is a champion husband)  We were lucky enough to be staying with family, so no hotel bagels and over priced parking for us!  Uncle J, whose house we were crashing at, is nothing short of inspiring.  Although he was off running some little two-bit marathon in NYC that weekend, his awesomeness still managed to motivate me.

Just a selection of his race bling...

And a little more...

And a little more.

Um, yeah.  The man can run.  And has…all over the world.

After an afternoon nap, a little Swiss Chalet, some race prepping, and a lot of eye candy by way of Bradley Cooper a la The Hangover, it was an early night to bed.  PLUS an extra hour of sleep, which was actually stressing me out to no end.  Do clocks change automatically these days? Will my blackberry go off early? I’m not at my own house! PANIC! OhmigawdOhmigawd. *Valium, crunch, snort, crunch*

Anal retentive for one, please.

Good night and good morning to come…stay tuned!


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