In the meantime…

Um, so about that race

You’d think this being a running blog and all, I would mention it at some point.  Welp, I did actually train a bit for it (sorry no details for you!) and yep, I actually ran it…last weekend.  And of course, I made kick arse playlist for it too.  So in an effort to avoid producing full sentences after a long, tiring week…ta-da!…my race playlist!  AKA – my stall tactic!  Feel free to praise, judge, pilfer and/or rock out.

I like to move it, move it.

A shout out to Shannaners for some happy-go-lucky, “this is so much fun it doesn’t even feel like running!!” music and kudos to Stalkie for the funktified beats to make me feel extra bad ass.  And of course, I had to include my classic cycling /Body Combat standby jams to help bring it on home with some mustard. (…and I just couldn’t race without my classic guilty pleasure, “If you want blood”.  It just feels like home.)

So a pinky swear that a riveting* race recap is coming your way pronto-ish! (*subjective)

...eventually. That totally counts.


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