The {pause} to an era

The end of October came and went and I haven’t even had a chance to update you all with my news! Blogger-blasphemy!   But things have been busy around here…

Very busy and important

With only two months to wrap up this running challenge and a mere 500-ish kilometers still to go, some changes HAD to be made.

In keeping with my new “If you’ve got time to sweat, you’ve got time to run” mantra, I took a look at what had to go so that I could make a little more time for pounding the pavement.   At least temporarily.

**Clark Griswold drum roll**

I’m taking a break from teaching cycling.

This might not be earth shattering news to some of you, but it’s a big deal for me.  It’s the end pause to an era.

I don’t talk about my cycling class too much here on FR and it’s not because I don’t lova- love it…it’s just that it’s a part of me.  I don’t really think of it as blog material (clearly I have a very strict screening policy in that department) but only because it seems like forever that I’ve been getting up a few days a week for my lovely 6am ladies.  I’ve been teaching spin at the same club for almost seven years.  SEVEN years.  That’s longer than any other job I’ve had and it’s my second longest relationship. (Hi Muffin!  Don’t worry I won’t quit you…I need someone to whine about running to) And yes, there has been some love-hate…mostly on pitch black, freakin’ freezing, “STUPIDSTUPIDIHATESTUPIDSPIN” mornings when I’m trying to drive through an iced up windshield -but for the most part, cycling is a part of me.

Halloween spin sweaty heap...yes, those are ghost shorts.

Let’s be serious.  I have THE best gals in my class.  I’m not even going to sugar coat that one. Hands down the hardest working, most committed, clearly crazy women that drag their schweet gams every week at 6am to hear me wheeze my way through another 75 minute class.  And their not even being paid to be there!  Coming at 6am!…their own free will!…despite the option of sleeping in!  Just to keep me company.  Saints, I tell ya.  Between holidays, birthdays, deaths, babies, weddings – the “regulars” and I have been through it all together.   So when I said that after this two-month hiatus I’ll be back (in a less Terminator tone though), I meant it.

Goodbye...for now.

So pavement…it’s just you and me.  Goodbye October, hello Mo’RUNber!


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