Road2Hope-I-don’t-keel-over-and-die Half-Marathon, here I come!

It’s official…I’m registered!

Congratulations, indeed.

There are a few reasons why I’ve decided to come out from under my rock and face the world of average-paced-runners again.

1) It’s likely one the last races of the season with the possibility of (fingers crossed) half-decent weather.  Winter is coming whether I like it or not.  Effff.

My worst nightmare

2) Monday’s 17k went off without a hitch.  Actually it was one of the quickest paces that I’ve had in quite awhile – yay 5:35.  (However, the two runs that I have done since it and since registering on Monday afternoon have been disturbingly and progressively slower.  Somehow I tricked myself into thinking I was practically in race shape…despite my summer of gluttony and sloth.  Denial, table of one please.)

PS – Speaking of summer…my October 10th long run outfit:

Look Ma, no sleeves!

Just 26°C outside…in Canada…on Thanksgiving weekend.  Totally normal, climate change skeptics. (But just FYI…weather and climate are different.)

3) But most of all, this race appealed to me because of this little nugget of information I found on the website…

The lazy girl's dream elevation

It doesn’t get much easier than that, dearies.  And I’m totally into easy.  Ahem.

So I’ve got a few weeks to pack in some long runs…this weekend 19k, next wknd 21k, followed by an 18-20k, and then race day.  It’ll be here before I know it!  Which is good because: “time = stress = lashing out at loved ones” to me.  So you’re welcome, everyone.

Also – stay tuned for updates on the new challenge that’s taking THE WORLD (actually 5 of us) by storm!


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