Skunked x2

Guess who didn’t run 17km as planned on Saturday?

This girl!

Guess who had an exciting encounter with a skunk at 6am on Saturday?

This girl!

In the span of about 3.7 seconds my whole Saturday went to the dog(s).  Instead of a sunny, warm long run, followed by apple picking and a hike with the family, I spent hours supply shopping, dog groomer consulting, washing, spraying, skunk-offing, more washing, cursing and one more wash with my stinker of a retriever.

Peroxide and baking soda rinse = highlights!

Haaaspansive oatmeal shampoo = nicer than mine

Wet dog AND skunk = magical

So holiday-sleep in-Monday is now 17k-hot n’sweaty-Monday…because a) I’ve got about a million miles to make up in the next few months annnnnnd b) I think I’m going to do a race!  Let’s see how I manage this long run tomorrow and I’ll make a decision from there…so by Monday evening I might be registered for the Road2Hope half-marathon in November.  Or not.  Because maybe Stinkaroni will sniff out another new BFF and I’ll spend another lovely day covering in stench and wet dog hair.  Win-win, really.

Ruining people's plans since 2008


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