I’m on Calgary time!

But I don’t think that blaming the two hour time delay is a good enough excuse for only ONE September post.  Ugh, it looks even worse when typed.  Sorry for the neglect, FunnerRunnerites.  But seriously, where the freak did September go?!  Sneaky little phantom, time travelling, wizardry of September.

But my blog neglect is not a reflection of my running neglect.  Wait.  Yep.  Yep it is.  In August I logged over 200km!  Whereas mystery month, ol’ September, a mere 130-ish.  (To be honest August is probably more of the anomaly, but whatevs)  So once again, I find myself at the end of another month, furiously calculating how I can catch up and magically make December six months away instead of three.  I imagine it’s a lot like balancing one’s books..if one knew what that was and what “books” one is referring to.  Just like that.

But would I trade September for anything?  NO SIR!  Not even for a “My Song” singing Ewan McGregor, serving me deep fried ice cream while prancing around in a Prosecco spouting fountain.  Not even that, dear friends.

Sorry Ewan, I'll take Calgary.

Our holly’s were amazeballs!  The adorable McKivies were the host’rs with the most’rs and we had a fantastic time in the old west.

The bender week started out classy.

Welcome to Wild Rose Country!

Obligatory airport photo

Fancy-pants dinner by Bares (burn marks included)

Lobster fanciness followed by rousing games of Operation and PENNY CAN!

WTF funny bone!?!


(Apparently, the high altitude out west affects some people’s ability to hold their wine.  Obviously, we were immune to this.)

Totally resistant to the effects of altitude

Not #winning

Day 2 – Bright eyed and bushy-tailed for the zoo! (pun intended…bad, but intended)

Muffin's vacation wave

Cuter than Roo

We love bears! And acting! And cheesy photo opps!

Look at me conquering fears

Bears AND birds...look out world.

Between wandering the continents and dodging stroller-rude Moms all day, the zoo bush whacked us. (PS – did I mention that I ran this morning too?!  Washed off the remaining Penny Can sharpie evidence and schlubbed my way through 7km.  Mountain air + welcome cocktails = zoo sloths that move faster than me)

Friday – girl day / boy day / birthday bash!

Another gorgeous, yet brisk, day in Calgs!  Perfect for torturous waxing and a golf tournament.  Guess who did what?  Let’s just say Muffin came home with a new Plasma TV and suntan and I returned looking like this…

Agitated and hairless

And that’s enough info about that.  Besides the 20 minute appointment of doom, Shannaners and I enjoyed manicures, MAC makeup trials, shopping and lunch mojitos.  And a helluva-better-than-yesterday 10k run.  Lovely.

Then off to Aussie Rules to commemorate how Bares somehow lived through yet another year.  Oi, oi, oi!!

Aussie's: Where sitting is frowned upon

Cool kids

Met some fantastic peeps…and were exposed to learned some sweet new moves.

The robot...classic.

Shan leads the stool dancers

Cousin Chris does the Beavis

Moves like Jagger

After hours of stool stomping, roof raising and jaeg bombing, we called it a night.  Birthday bashed = check!

Saturday…rallying for Nik Lewis Nation.  Go Stamps go!

Schuper excitos

Sporting NLN tees...feeling super pretty. Ahem.

Lewnatics, party of two please.

Might be the Stamps biggest fan...actually he is. True story.

And one special fella was (informally) white-hatted! (Just like Princess Kate!…and Kevin Costner)

"Special" guest.

Easy like Sunday morning.  That’s exactly what it was.  Take it easy stew-day.  With garnish.

It's all about balance.

Monday – To round out the jolly holly’s, was a jaunt to Banff for the night!

Like summer camp, but a thousand times better and prettier.

We “rode” the Banff Gondola (aka.  Shannaners and I clutched each other in fear and sweat while uttering death threats to the first person who dared to move, shift or breathe.  Fun!)  Once we escaped the floating terror dome, we really did enjoy the hike to the top of Sulpher Mountain.

Remember that time we almost died on the gondola? Good times!

Muffin has a soothing effect

After a little visit to the hot springs and some hotel down time, we headed out for some swanky eats at Salt Lik.  (Backgrounder: upon arriving in Cow Town, I quickly declared that I wanted Alberta beef at some point.  Enter Salt Lik)  Delicious dinner…yay beef…and then some rug-cutting to live music at The Rose and Crown.



Everyday I'm shufflin

Thanks to the McKivies for a fantastic week of laughs, brisket, new friends, watery jaw and loves!    See you at Stampede.  xo



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