D for damage control

This week was supposed to be all about making up for my summer weekending (ahem) binge-drink-eat-fest, but alas, it’s not going so well.  Turns out I’m not a good Monday person. (Read: no workouts)  And lo and behold, I’m not a good “say no to cookies” person either.  (Read: carb coma)  And the weather last week?  Yep, you suck just as much as me.  (Read: more missed running)  So this week’s damage duty is taking a back seat to lounging and snacking.  But were the past weekends worth it you ask?  Oh so very,very worth it.


First up was the “Love is Grand!” affair with this rockstar couple…E & J!


Grand friends...

Grand dancin'...

Grand Muffin...

Grand happily ever after...

Grand old time.

Of course, the only fitting follow up to a wedding affair like that is, of course…cottaging!  Thanks for S&J for the perfect amount of sun, fun, tubes and ‘hair of the dog’ for successful re-coup!

Takin' it easy

Totally normal

There are other people at the table (aka not entirely just my empties)

Schooling us all

Watery death

Lick 'em, stick 'em

Which brings us to this past weekend… wedding numero one million-ish.  (And truthfully, I couldn’t be happier! Bring on the romance, Mony Mony and cocktails…)  Happy, happy wedding A&M!

Perfectly perfect!

We LOVE weddings!

Wouldn't be complete without the Dirty Dancing lift

Congrats to all the lovelies…and thanks in advance for not suing me for shamelessly stealing all of your Facebook photos.

And I promise we will resume our regularly scheduled programming soon…once I ease out of summery festiveness and back into cheeseandcrackersonlyfourmonthstopullthisoff panic mode.


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