You and me…always and forever


“Linny, her teeth are big and green! Linny, she smell like gas-o-line!  Linny, da da da Dinny! She is my sista, her birthday, I missed-a!” (but not really missed it, just love the song)

I kid because I love.

Happy Birthday Linny!

Huge smackaroo birthday kisses to the gal who tried to make me eat moths, took all of the best Mini-Pop lip-syncing songs, used “pause power” to make my poor Luigi fall down the well during heated Nintendo wars, who always got pink when I was stuck with blue…but also made me Hamburger Helper for dinner, stuck up for me against mean grade 8s, let me wear her clothes, read me “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” each year, let me tag along with her and her friends all summer long, made working at McD’s bearable, supported me through boyfriends – good, bad, and ugly, kept my secrets, (unsuccessfully) taught me how to catch mice, squirrels and other vermin with a cardboard box and string, covered for me with the ‘rentals, and made growing-up an adventure filled with a million memories.

To the definitely, unquestionably, categorically best big sister in the world – Happy Birthday.

Feeling the love

Matchy-matchy Alberta styles

Seriously Mom...matching again?

Best. Teacher. Ever.

Sens are lucky to have a trooper like her

Super MOH!

Sporty Spice-ish




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  1. Elaine DeLisle

    Love it. I always wanted a sister just for these reasons. Lucky girls. And I thought I was the one that made McD bearable. lol

  2. Oh Elaine! You certainly helped!!

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