Kickin’ asphalt…eventually.

Alrighty kiddos, here’s round two for operation “Kick Asphalt!”.

A painfully slow crawl towards 45%

But because I am a bad blogger and was very busy this weekend dry walling, eating out, and generally ignoring you all, you’ll have to c’mon back tomorrow for this past week’s workout wrap up.  Did I make it? Cheat? Get eaten by a dingo?….Yes, yes and narrowly escaped with all of my tendons still intact.  What an excuse adventure!

True story...for realisies...ish.


Posted on July 25, 2011, in Cross-training, Running, Spinning. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I would like to hear more about this supposed drywalling, you don’t strike me as a drywaller

  2. Oh, I was the one with tears streaming down her cheeks and screaming irrationally about getting crushed by a sheet of drywall. Remember me now? Totally professional.

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