Before I chicken out…

…here’s my “Kick asphalt!” torture plan for the week. Normally I wouldn’t run almost everyday (obviously or else I wouldn’t be in this stupid predicament) but I’m just try to play a bit of catch up over the next couple of weeks.  Wish me luck!

(PS – lots of excuses tied into this plan already…but hey, are you surprised?) 

(PPS – that was a test!  NO EXCUSE ENABLING!)

(PPPS – anyone looking for an unmotivated, whiny, but HELLUVA good dancer, running partner?  I’m in the book.)

Without any further (ridiculous) procrastination…click to enlarge…or don’t…it’s not like I’m forcing everyone to babysit me…or am I?  *crinkly thinking face* Yep…yep I am.  Welp, here goes nothing…except my ego.  Ok seriously, I’m done.

Drumroll….the plan!

Real runners, ignore this because it's not that hard. Everyone else, humour me too please.


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