Confessions of a control freak

I need help.

Things have been super crazy around here.  Between wedding and social planning hysteria and maniacal exercising to prep for aforementioned wedding and social butterflying (e.g. bootcamp, yoga, WINE club, race training and teaching spin) it’s been nutters.  And it’s time to take a breath.  Ahhh.  With zero after-work commitments, only teaching a mere ONE class a week and no planned races in sight – I’ve got some major free time on my hands.  Which is exactly what I thought I needed.  Turns out, I don’t function well like that.

All free and no plan, makes FR go crazy

When I commit to something, I’m fairly decent at following through.  I’m reward goal oriented. I like structure.  I like calendars and to-do lists and day planners.  It’s kind of my thing.  When I accomplish something, I check it off.  I wear my medal around the house like a bratty douche.

But all of a sudden my calendar is wide open…no goals, no commitments and I’m turning into procrastinator extraordinaire.  My typical morning now consists of me waking up and thinking “Mornings suck.  But don’t worry if you don’t run now, you can do it after work! You have all the time in the world! Muwahaha!” Hooray – snooze button, roll over, smile.  Then at about 4:26pm, I think “Blah running.  Go home to your adorable husband and dog (and couch).  You can run tomorrow – you’ve got no reason not to!”  And so on. Next thing I know, it’s Thursday and I’ve logged 3km and half a spin class.  You get me?  When my schedule was jam packed, I knew that I HAD to fit a run in at 5:30am on “run day”, because after work/next morning/whenevs was already booked.  Now, I’m just pushing everything until the next day and nothing is getting done.  This must be what management feels like.

Inner thoughts

Just replace "stuff" with "running"


I fear for this 2011km challenge.  I’m a *smidge* (aka: WAYSUPERDUPERNEVEREVERCATCHINGUP) off track.  BUT I have a plan!  And this is where I need your help.  Hey judgey friends, this one’s for you.

In an effort to be accountable and not push the next (OMFG) 1000ish kilometers right into December, I’m going to be sharing my weekly workout plans with y’all.  Lucky ducks!  How embarrassing would it be to say that I’m going to do this, this, and this and then actually just spoon with my dog every morning and watch endless episodes of Entourage every night.

Hmm, run or swoon?

The idea is that I’ll post my weekly plan and then let you all know how I did afterward.  But make sure that you keep me in line, m’kay?  There will be absolutely no enabling of excuses, soothing my ego, holding my hand…you need to get all Ari Gold on my ass.  Got it? Good.

Stay tuned…I’ll be posting this week’s plan-of-attack just as soon as I figure it out.  Right after I see how this Johnny Drama and Turtle thing plays out…


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