Remember that time I ran a race?

…and I promised to write a recap?  Well, patient readers – here it is!

What seems like many, many moons ago (but was really only 2 weeks), Muffin and I packed up and headed to charming Prince Edward County so that I could torture myself, and Muffin, for a few hours.  Helloooo Wellington Women’s Half-Marathon!

We're heeere!

Ladies lining up

Now if I was a good blogger, I would have either a) posted all of the gory details right after the race while the memories were fresh or b) made some type of notes so that I could recall the details.  But I’m not that kind of gal, so bear with me while crawl through the cobwebs and wine hangovers of my mind to scrape together some recollection of the event.  But if my crappy memory serves me right, I won the race.  And didn’t sweat or get blotchy or snot-rocket once.  And I did cartwheels for the last 3km.  Yep, I think that’s roughly how it went.  Unfortunately for me, Muffin took photos.  Photos = proof.

The race had a million little nice touches…you could tell it was planned by the ladies.  No offence fellas, but specialty spa SPF application pre-race, a Zumba warm-up, firemen water stations and a handmade necklace “medal” don’t really scream “this race was the brain child of hearty manly men! Hoowah!”

Anti-Zumba warm-up

 (The majority of women participated in the Zumba warm-up, but I wasn’t prepared for that sort of public humility before I even crossed the start line, so I stood by the sidelines…awkwardly, obs)

We're off...(I kept up the waving to my fans for the first few km)

Half way around the track...4th place! I'll savour this 'cause it didn't last long.

Just over the finish line....clearly hunting down the chocolate milk.

Sporting my new bling

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty…


– The vibe was awesome -lots of friendly gals, chatting, smiling, matching outfits, hugging…just being girls.  I love it.  Not bad eye candy for Muffin either.  (Thank goodness because not too many other husbands were there as head cheerleader, like mine. I owed him eye candy.)   It wasn’t a super competitive race at all…in fact, even with my crappy time (not a PW (personal worst), but a few minutes slower than more usual time) I managed to place 7th overall.  Generally, a friendly, casual race.

– Like I mentioned, it was the little touches that made this race special.  My fave…the signs along the way…”What a girl won’t do for a necklace”, etc.


– Now this is just my preference, but I’m not a fan of country runs.  In fact, when I realized that the whole route was likely going to be in the wilderboonies, I almost turned right back around.  Boooooring.  I like to look at houses, stores, people…ANYTHING to take my mind off the fact that I’ll be wheezing and sweating for the next few hours.  The only folks cheering you through the various levels of hell are the volunteers.  Not going to cut it for me.  I need my peeps, my fans, the horns and whistles and cowbells.  Puhleeease someone drown out my suicidal thoughts.

– Second item kind of ties in with the first…sunny fields and gravel roads.  Yikes.  No shade and terrain that I’m definitely not used to.  At one point I ran by a field with giant solar panels in it and thought, “you know there is no shade to be found when people are generating electricity with the relentless power of this sonovabitch sun…”

– Some of the ‘half a half’ (why they don’t just say 10k is beyond me) walkers were finishing up at the same time as me.  I had 4 walkers crossing the finishing line in front of me -HOLDING HANDS! -which not only slowed me down a few seconds (I like to open ‘er up through the finish) but also blocked my only professional race photo of the day.  Lame.  There is a series of about six shots of the walkers strutting through the finish line and one of me after the fact.  Not really a deal breaker, but annoying nonetheless.

So in short…if you are ok with country, scenic races (and have a vageejay), this race is probably for you!  If you crave distraction in the forms of buildings, concrete and homeless people, stay outta PEC.

Btw, in a surprising twist of events…my knee, leg, groin, etc. felt pretty good throughout the whole race.  I’m thinking that the plan to avoid long runs for a few weeks really did the trick.  The rest and re-coup did the ol’ IT band pretty good and I ran (somewhat) pain free the whole time.  Not including the regular I’m outta shape and ate too much Baskin Robbins during my “training” pain.

Thanks Muffin for cheering me on...again!


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