Swass…it’s a good thing.

Soooo, tomorrow is the big day.  Huzzah!  I’m having a bit of love/hate with this race…part of me is hoping that daylight never comes because I am oh-so not ready and then a bigger, antsier, more unglued part of me is ready to just get it over with.  So I can stop stressing about it.  And limp around. And make Muffin fetch me snacks.  Yeah, let’s do this already.

Don't leave me hanging...like a giant bloggy nerd.

Because this…

…plus this…

Literally, lame workouts

**the longest run that I have eeked out in about 4 weeks is a whopping 14km.  You could say that I’ve been “tapering” a bit…**

…and a little sprinkle of this…

Perfectly pleasant, but I'll use it as another excuse.

…is a perfect recipe for a disaster.  I’ll let you know how it goes, unless #crappyrunnergirldies starts trending first.  Either way, you’ll know the end of this fairytale.

(Editor’s note: the above workout calendar only tracks running.  My numerous other athletic pursuits, such as: ironman racing, bull riding and mountain climbing are not represented.  Just so you don’t think that I’m a total hobo)

So clearly I’m not running…what have I been doing?  Well, hot yoga for one!  I was such a snappy little thriftster that I nabbed a WagJag deal for Hot Yoga Peterborough. (Actually Dudes talked me into it, but whatevs)  So for a mere $40, I have unlimited opportunity to bend, twist, slip and sweat…all month long.  Huzzah, again!

And I would love to tell a tale of the horror, the miserable torture, the smelly hipsters…but to be honest, I like it.


Yep.  The girl who honestly had to move to the back of the room during step class so I didn’t distract the instructor.  The girl who left after one song of BodyJam, when she caught a glimpse of flailing, gaspy, desperate girl in the mirror and realized it was her.  The gal who managed to kick herself in Combat.

Maybe I like it because I have never done yoga before and didn’t realize my potential to be an overnight success in coordination and zen-like practice?


Or maybe it’s a lovely change of pace from spin class, weights and running.  That’s more like it.  The lastly, it’s definitely because of this gal.

The lovely Laura

Laura is the head cheese and all-round faboo gal.  She has somehow managed to get me through MORE THAN ONE CLASS in one piece.  Not easy.  I thought I would have got the official ban after about 10 minutes of my groaning and excessive (seriously excessive) sweating…but nope, Laura is still graciously guiding Dudes and I through all kinds of cray-cray moves.  So if you haven’t tried it…newbie or not, head on down.  Like today.  Get your sweat on.  You’ll feel looser and goose-ier than ever (like even more than that crazy summer between first and second year…wait, what?  Nevermind).

My tips to ‘success’ (a bit generous there):

1) don’t look in the mirror and don’t catch your friend’s eye in the mirror.  Fits of giggles may ensue because you both look like drippy heaps of awkward (and there is no way I can “Oooohm” knowing that Dudes can hear me).

2) Let go.  Get over yourself and just try it.  Then take a breath and try it again.

3) Don’t mutter under your breath “I smell like a hockey player” because denial is key.

4) Don’t have tacos for lunch.

Dudes takes it super seriously

The adorable mascot

Post-schweat fest

Check out Hot Yoga Peterborough – deals galore and many classes to choose from!

I’m off to finish my race prep which includes nail biting turned lip chewing turned wine drinking turned horse tranquilizer snorting.  And before I know, it’ll be go time!

PS – did I mention that Muffin tormented me tonight by having a delicious El Camino burrito for dinner?  Rat bastard.  I had to refuse in an effort to avoid this tomorrow (a nice visual before you head to bed)…



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