Food for thought…shut up and run!

Now this is motivational stuff…from the hi-larious Shut up and Run!

My fave parts:

On excuses…“Or maybe, for just a minute, you stopped caring and lost sight of your goal.”

On why it matters… “The thing is, no one really cares but you. Sure your friends and husband and parents want you to meet your goals, to get in shape, whatever. But when push comes to shove, it is you who has the most invested. “

On talking yourself into it: “I am never sorry I did it. Never.”

So if you are needing a boost, pop by Shut Up and Run! for some inspiration.

And PS – I promise that I will eventually start writing my own material again (vs. uploading funny pictures or shamelessly stealing other people’s ideas).  And bonus: it’s taper week and my leg sucks eggs, so I have lotsa time to sit and ice and write.  Promise.

Only a couple more days until the Wellington Women’s Half…and did I mention that I have a Forrest Gump-y leg?  I’m expecting a PW (personal worst) this weekend and I’m ok with that.  Mostly because I can still justify an all-you-can-shove buffet afterward – whether I limp or, let’s be serious, crawl over that finish line.  Thank goodness for knee pads…and stretchy, elastic waistband pants.


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