My confession

I really didn’t want to blog this.  I didn’t even want to say it out loud, let alone write it down.  It just makes it too real.  The truth is…

My leg kind of hurts.

There I said it.  I’ve been trying to ignore that familiar dull, achy feeling in my quad for awhile now, but just like anything (e.g. using hand-held mirrors instead of full length or wearing a hat instead of addressing your elephant-in-the-room roots), ignoring it won’t make it go away.

And because I learn from past experiences (guys who wear sunglasses indoors = douche) I’m not going to push my poor, fragile leggers too far.   Having been benched before – for months – after “pushing” through the same dull, ache, I know that I would rather cut back a bit now vs. be out for an extended amount of time.  Good news is that I’m still running, just not as far as often.  My weeks are looking more like 10-12k twice a week, with a 16-18kish run on the weekend.   Also a lot more of this…

Instrument of evil (aka the foam roller of doom)

Implementing said devil tool (note the pained expression...not normal)

and this…

My hero, the hot tub

and even a little of this…

Everyone is super impressed

(Well, kind of.  We did start hot yoga this week…and lived to tell!  Stay tuned…)  This is more like me though…


I’m hoping my little trifecta of relief will keep me on the road…especially because…wait for it…I’M ACTUALLY REGISTERED FOR A FREAKING RACE!!  Whaa, whaa??  Who am I?  I know!

After totally ditching my previously “planned” races, I found this little gem of an event and I’m not completely dreading all eager-beaver for it.  It’s the Wellington Women’s Half-Marathon and I’m running it!  Or perhaps limping it…but by nachos-man, I’ll be there!  Wine, chocolate and handsome men?

You had me at wine, race director…you had me at wine.

It’s my first ever sexist “must have boobs…and not the man-kind” race and I think it’s going to be super fun.  No awards (finally, I can just blend in with the normal people…no pictures, please) and “It’s a girl thing!” as the slogan…well, snap girl, I’m in there like swimwear. The other beautiful thing…it’s on a Saturday!  As in NOT Sunday morning!  As in it won’t interfere with my Saturday evening social butterflying!  Seriously, it’s like they know me.

So the plan of attack is to run-to-maintain and avoid any humungo runs for the next 3 weeks.  That way the ol’ quad will be up for the race and I can push hard and finish strong.

This better be a PB

On another note, this new development is seriously getting in the way of my “1000km by July” goal.  But as I mentioned, I’d rather cut back a bit, get better and then get back on track rather than push it and NEVER reach 1000k, let alone 2011km.  Gasp, choke…all of this blogging for nothing?!  I wouldn’t do that to all of you…waiting with bated breath, popcorn at the ready, hanging on to my every word to see WHETHER OR NOT I’LL MAKE IT?!?!

Welp, it’s gonna be a touch n’ go nail biter, that I can guarantee.  Until then, I’ll just keep fueling for runs that may or may not happen.

Like you've never done that.


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