The UN-training plan

Things are going swimmingly with my un-training plan.  I’m 0 for 2 and it’s not looking too good for the remaining line-up…

How to make plans and break 'em

But c’mon…RAIN!?!…MAY 2-4!?!…I’m sorry, but those are conditions that I just can’t deal with.  Which would strongly suggest that the other races will be demoted on my priority list as well.

July 30th Duathlon…another long weekend.  Sooo, yeah no.

August 20th 30k…wedding the night before.  Seriously.  NEVER going to happen.

September 3rd…you guessed it…long weekend. Which are clearly ALL ear-marked for binge drinking and chips-ahoy snorting.  I mean really, that red wine isn’t going to puke itself up while I’m off racing around.

Priorities people.  I got ’em.


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