Bring it, Mother Nature.

Seriously?  I don’t care if you are a runner or not…that forecast stinks worse than B.O. & wet dog combined.  How is it that Mother Nature can be so, so cruel?  Isn’t it bad enough that we’ve suffered through FIVE of the FREAKINLONGESTDAYSEVERRRR in the office and now that it’s time to play, she’s gonna to stick it to us?  Low blow, lady…low blow.

Mama Nature's gone Busey crazy on us.

I’m super pissy about the rain for a number of reasons…so let the whine-o saga begin…

ONE!! (Typically would just be “#1″…but I’m angry and yelling each point) The Bootman’s (us) are heading to Perth this weekend to spend two and half glorious days with la famille.  We didn’t get a chance to shower the lovely Mimded with rainbows and puppies and homemade macaroni cards last weekend, so we’re making up for it.  Rain interferes with this plan because our traditional summer visits include, in no particular order: croquet (which I love/hate), newly added bocce ball (love!), letting Piper run FREE in the fields sans leash (she loves) and a deeeelish BBQ (um, lova lova loooove…duh).  Do any of these activities sound even remotely fun in the midst of the above-noted forecast?  Blah. Pfffffft.  Hrumph.  Let’s hope we don’t all go cray-cray jammed in the basement trying to convince Eduardo to change the channel to anything other than English-dubbed (if we’re lucky) Bollywood musicals.  (I’d love to say that’s an exaggeration, but with only six channels to choose from, his bar is set fairly low.)  So, stay tuned to see who shanks who first! (**Horse tranquilizers…crunch, crunch**)

TWO!!  I’m STILL behind in my quest for 1000km by July.  (I know, I know, hard to believe…what with all of the sleeping in and Lucky Charms eating.)  I’m putting in some decent runs but I was super counting on this weekend to clock off a 20k and then another 10k if I was feeling up for it.  Egads, we all know that I don’t need another ‘rental weekend running failure attempt on the treadmill.  So I’ve decided that given I’m only 50% made of sugar (the other 50% is a combination of spice and everything nice…and cream cheese), I’m not likely to melt in the downpour.  I’m psyching myself up for the worst…

Starting line at the Miami marathon...been there.

and really hoping for the best…

Rain is my new BFF!

But let’s be serious, I’m at my parents’ house, running in the rain…my worst nightmare could come true.

Nightmare on my street

So here I am…putting it out there…I will run 20km this weekend unless it’s an absolute, crazy, “can’t see the road in front of me” downpour.  Or I decide that I reeeeeally need to watch the end of the Littlest Hobo with my dad.


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