Rum is not a performance enhancer…

…unless you are in a rump shaking contest.  In that case, speaking from experience I’m totally guessing here, it most likely would be.  Not surprisingly, although disappointingly, rum does not help one’s running.  BLINK.  BLINK.  Seriously?  Yes.  Well at least not when you are past the age of 22.  (Double punch to the gut)  But before I get to that little disaster, let’s take a quick “Jamaican me love LOVE” sneak peek!

After a whirlwind few days of primping, tanning, hair do’ing, manicuring, shopping and last minute crunches packing, we were finally off for the oh-so looooong awaited wedding extravaganza!

Smooches and hugs all around as we greeted the other 40ish people at the airport who were joining our Jamaican adventure.  After a smooth check-in (read: getting my luggage weighed WITH Muffin’s in an effort to sneak on extra bikini weight…#winning) and an easy flight, the salty island air greeted us as we touched down in Montego Bay.  The next seven days are an alcohol induced fog so that’s about it for the recap.  I kid…you can keep reading Eduardo and Mimded!!

But because I’m simply lazy and writing takes a lot more effort, here’s a photo montage of some highlights.  (Disclaimer: I fully intended on scooping photos from Facebook, but apparently it’s a lot trickier to “borrow” other people’s images.  Irritating for me, but I suppose also Mark Zuckerberg’s way of saving us from having keg stand photos show up in the office newsletter.  Anyhoo, other people have way better pics (because I was too lazy busy and pickled important to capture memories), so stay tuned because eventually I’ll figure out how to steal from FB)

The GORGEOUS bride et moi

Beach party dancin'

Powder and me...heh.

Groom and fellas

Underwater adventure!

Hot n' happy couple

Again, stay tuned for tales of snorkeling, cliff jumping, LOVELY nuptials, our fantastic resort and other people’s more photos!  But in the meantime, my synopsis is: if you like happy people, jerk chicken and have a hankerin’ for prescription and/or non-prescription drugs…Jamaica is probably the place for you!! Ya mon.

Which brings me back to the perils of rum…as well as buffets, mojitos, 24hr mac n’ cheese and lounge chairs galore.  These little gems, shockingly, are not typically part of an athletic lifestyle.  BLINK.  BLINK.    Well, maybe just not the copious amounts that I consumed in a very short time frame.  But when in ‘Rome’, DO NOT think twice about the crap.  Enjoy it, savour it…try to pack it in your luggage and take it home with you.  Who’s with me?

That said, when I got home it was time to get back on the gravy train…or off it…and back to loggin’ the joggin’.  First day back…2.5km.   And it blew.  Rum chunks.  Lots of ’em.

So in my sporty wisdom, I decided to take a couple days off.  Then a couple more.  Then ate some pizza and mulled over how I’m not going to let my rum-punch powered legs get me down. No siree.  Then I slept in two more days…skipped my runs…and came up with a “MAY DETOX plan: Flushing out Jamaica”.

Me vs. me...bring it.

The basic premise is to clean up my over-processed food intake and get my fanny out the door.  And pronto, because those kilometers aren’t going to run themselves.  (But cheese and crackers, how awesome would that be?)  Having done some necessary number crunching revisions, it looks like my July 4th goal of hitting 1000km is going to be super tight.  But I’m going to give it a whirl and whine to you all about it along the way.  Fun x2!   If I make it I may just treat myself to something a li’l special?  I’m taking suggestions (…and gifts).

Some ideas…I’m just spitballing here, folks.


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