400! Sounds good…means nothing.

So although it seems I’ve gone AWOL in the blog world…I’ve been tres busy in the social butterflying world.  *Insert late ’90s “raise the roof” here*

Whaa, whaaat?

With two…count ’em…TWO dear couples getting hitched in the very near future, I’ve been lucky enough to get crack-a-lackin’ early with them in the celebration department.  A few PG highlights for your viewing pleasure…

The Boa's...yep, real people. Not models.

Maybe we do like giant feathers...and maybe we DO!!

Muffin and Madden lookin' all sorts of handsome

What do you mean this isn't CASH CAB?!?

"Something blue" shower for Dudes

Despite all of the fun, I have managed to maintain a somewhat regular running schedule (As expected, not as fun as hot pink feathers and martini bars) and have reached a (self-proclaimed) milestone…400km!!  Not quite 20%!!  Just under a quarter of the way to my goal!!  This seemed a lot more impressive before seeing it in writing…in hindsight, I probably should have held off on the announcement for a little longer.

Besides dancing, event planning, imbibing and running…I’ve been fundraising! Why you (and more often, my husband) ask?  Because I am a sucker.  My jumbo heart and stupid head are a dangerous combination.  And the people closest to me get to bear the brunt of it.  By giving me money.  You see I’ve signed myself and dear ol’ (sucker) Dudes up to take part in a 24 hour spinathon.  The good news is that we are part of a STELLAR team and only have to spin for our “shift”.  Which happens to be the 4am – 6:30am shift.  I’ll be lucky if Dudes is talking to me by next Sunday.  So stay tuned for that intriguing recap…I’m thinking it will involve coffee stories, fireman eye-candy highlights and how I avoided getting punched in the face at 4:00am by Dudes.  (PS – I’m graciously still accepting cold hard cash for the cause…drop me a line if you’d like to donate!)

Such a good sport

On another note, upon reaching my not-so special milestone, I’ve started to think about what’s on tap for the upcoming race season.  And it’s not Guiness. (Ba-dum-dum…I’m here all week!  Try the veal!)

I’ve had my eye on a few different races, but because there are so many to choose from during warmer months I need to actually commit to a few so that I don’t “wait for the next one” all summer.   So without further ado…my (not even close to concrete) summer race plan!!  **subject to many, many changes as deemed necessary by the author**

2011 Summer Race Plan...maybe.

$20 says that I don’t make it to that last one…even I know myself better than that…


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