Happy Due Date!

As you know, my original partner-in-running-crime is the lovely Hooles.  We’ve shared hours and hours of heavy breathing, sweating, and pure exhaustion together.  (That should get my “google search” stats up. Ha ha pervs, you are so predictable)  And not to mention, almost as many hours camping, laughing, wedding planning, eating, drinking, kicking boys aces in board games, and more drinking.  And eating.  And talking about both.

After I discovered that my IT band is made of Doritos and other crap, Hooles went on to qualify for Boston and obs, run Boston!  My hero!

But even bigger news is that she is having a bebe with her hot, man-stud of a husband, B-rock.  TODAY!!!  Well, potentially TODAY!!  Happy Due Date M&M’s!

The M&M's...before they were M&M

To honor you both before the bundle arrives, a photo montage (with a lot of me in it too – surprise!) because in the very near future it won’t be all about you guys anymore…or more importantly, me.  Babies…hogging the spotlight as usual.

Congrats and can’t wait to see you sleep deprived, disheveled, cranky…and deliriously happy.  xo

Love is in the air (hence babies...)

New York!

The girl has got moves

Miami hotties

Enjoy the spotlight now...

Drunk meets annoyed = love!

Piper love

That's Hooles...and me, of course.

Fast girls have good times

...the aforementioned 'good times'

Twenty-something thighs

Just because

Happily ever after!

Alrighty, get crackalackin’…let’s meet this kid so we can have a glass of wine already!  (Reason number #1058 why I am not a mother)


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