Weekend running = EPIC FAIL

I had big plans for the weekend.  BIG plans.  I had penciled myself in for a 16km and a 10km in an effort to make up some serious distance for my craptastic 2011km endeavor.  I may or may not have (yes, I did) take more than a few days off as “recovery” from the half-marathon.  I was in PAIN!  (the first 2 days…then I was just lazy)

But truth be told, I did not “check off” either of those runs this weekend.  Instead I spent a lovely weekend relaxin’, turkey dinner eatin’ and board gamin’ with la famille.  The weather was reeeedonkulous in eastern Ontario…Saturday was torrential downpours and Sunday morning greeted us with a foot of snow.  Whaaa??  And then locusts came and floods and the lakes turned into BLOOD!!!!  Seriously – I was not setting foot out there.

So to appease my own guilty conscious I made my way into my parents “gym”.  The apple does not fall far from the tree.  They have quite the set-up…getting past the laundry drying racks and my sister’s craft supplies… they’ve got a full set of weights, benches, a punching bag, treadmill, a special “gym” floor…etc., etc.  Now if they could just hire a hot, young, muscley, sweaty but smells like Old Spice, back-rubbing, male personal trainer, I might be able to tear myself away from Coronation Street for an hour to work out.  No guarantees though.

No guarantees (partly) because I detest running on treadmills.  Loathe it.  I honestly can’t remember the last time that I tortured myself on one of those death traps.  Think about it…you have to a) run, which is hard enough; b) think, so as not to face plant every 2 minutes if your mind starts to wander; and c) deal with the fact that time seems to stand still while using it.  It’s like three times the work of an outdoor run.

Try running AND thinking!


Anyhoo, I hauled my hiney onto the treadmill with excellent intentions of running A LOT.  Like at least 45 minutes.

[Two minutes into the run] Well, 30 minutes should be plenty…I’ll just ‘up’ the speed to make it really count.

[30 seconds later] I’ll just cover up the timer with this towel…that should make this fly by!

[1 minute later] There, I must be at like 20 minutes by now!  *remove towel* Whaathaefffff?!?

[2 minutes later] Ok, just go for 25 minutes or 5 km – whichever comes first.

[30 seconds later]  Or not.

So needless to say, I’m not counting my treadmill distance as part of my 2011 challenge.  They weren’t the most “quality” km’s I’ve ever put in…and I don’t plan on hitting the deathtrap anytime again soon, so no worries.

Treadmills, not for the uncoordinated.


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