It’s taper time!

As a lazy runner, I must say that one of the best parts about racing is the taper.  

I’ve overheard all those hard-core/dedicated/super-annoying runners be like “Ohmigawd, I HATE not being able to run for, like, 2 days, let alone a week!  I NEED to get out there and pound some pavement!”

I, on the other hand, am loving the excuse to sleep in, lie around on the couch, not pick up after myself, have Muffin feed me grapes…all in the name of “Cheese and crackers! You expect me to SHOWER this week!  Don’t you know that I’m tapering!!!”

Tapering...part of being a tip-top athlete.

I read somewhere (or not, I could have made it up and convinced myself it’s true) that you can’t under-train in the last weeks, but you can certainly over-train.  That’s been my mantra…true or not true, it’s working for me.

So this week, no major running updates because the one day I had free to do a short run, I slept and lounged.  Excellent.  My legs will be so refreshed and ready to go Sunday…unless they forget how to actually move. 

Oh, and I haven’t actually registered for the race yet.  So all my hard work “tapering”, might just be me sitting on my junk, being lazy.  Whatev.  I’m loving it.

Stay tuned to see what I did on my non-training days…it involves bears, snow and conquering fears!


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