Boston….my Everest.

Did you know that one delightful morning, many moons ago, I almost qualified for Boston?  Yep.  3:51 in London…11 minutes off.  And the worst part, we weren’t really trying.  Sure we wanted to have a good race and come in at decent time, but Boston didn’t even cross our minds.

Quick and clueless

Clueless of the bitterness about to ensue

Fast forward about 4 years…add one crappier IT band and 15 pounds.  Hi again!  

And now the Boston dictators organizers are really sticking it to me.  Yep, they’ve changed the qualifying times and the fastest peeps get in first.  Effffffff.

...unless you are Valerie Bertinelli.

Boston, I’ll see you a) when I’m in the 80+ category and have a thousand years to complete the race (unless they keep CHANGINGTHEFREAKINTIMES! and I still can’t qualify) or b) from couch while watching Cheers.

PS – despite being slow and pudgy and unworthy of racing eliteness, I had a great 50k week last week.  Now it’s time to start winding down into taper mode.  Fist pump!  I polished off just under 14k this morning, and have 16km planned for tomorrow…and that’s mostly it, babies.  After that, it’s race time.  Then nacho time.  Balance people.


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  1. Abbydabbyyouknowwho

    Ugh, how frustrating….But all I can say is you are an amazing person to do all this crazy running and you are so not pudgy….you are one of the most beautiful women I know! Hugs, Abby

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