FunnerRunner’s guide to not having to amputate extremities

Instead of just whining about the snow and ice and slush and permafrost and crapola conditions every single day, I thought I might as well shed a little light on the other ways I deal with my hatred for this season.

Enter the “FunnerRunner’s guide to not having to amputate extremities”!!  (Could also be referred to as “What I wear to make winter running tolerable”)

Sadly, I’ve been doing this for a few years now.  I suppose my pea brain forgets how horrid winter running is each year and each year I find myself out there wondering why I do this to myself.  But the good side is that I now have a stellar winter gear wardrobe!

It’s not easy being cheesy.

Here are a few of my fave “snowmaggedon” staples…

  • MEC thermal winter running tights – I have two pairs of these and they feel like butter.  And they keep the wind out like The Bachelor girls keep out self-esteem.  (PS – only abut $45…for THERMAL!  Nike is for suckers)
  • My all-time fave Nike thermal jacket (me = sucker).  I can wear this baby in -30C weather and still be toasty.  It’s thin, waffley and wicking.  The kicker is that I’ve had it so long, you’ll have to do your own shopping to find something similar.  Just so you know, I’m not actually providing helpful information, just rubbing in how awesome mine is.

Not just a shirt, THE shirt.

  • MEC thermal long sleeve – By far, the greatest layer I’ve ever owned.  Thermal and ultra-warm and wicks away to keep you dry. Ahhmazing!  If you are a runner, snowshoer, skiier, person who unrationally sweats in cold weather – buy this shirt.  Like, today.
  • Lululemon brisk run toque – because you need something pretty.  It’s winter, but you are still in public.

Just robbing myself of dignity...and the odd B&E.

  • Facegear – I have two faves in this department – both from MEC.  Shocking, I know.  My balaclava (above) is perfect for windy days – thin, lotsa coverage.  Super gangsta looking too.  The second is even more hard core – for both the Crips street cred’ and unpleasant weather.  It even has special nose holes for breathing – imperative for such a wheezer like me.

Luke, I am your father.


Mittens – When I first started running (and was even more of a whiner) my hands were the first things to go all crybaby out there.  So much so, that my very supportive parents bought me a Costco box of hand warmers.  COSTCO!  Of course, there were about 1000 warmers in it.  Big hearts, my folks.  Anyhoo, I did use them all of the time (without making a dent) until I got these bad boys from a generous member at the gym as a Christmas gift.  Sorry Eduardo & Mimded, the Costco box has been demoted to the basement.

Fits like a glove...and a mitten!

  • And lastly, kicks.  The ‘cats are changing my world.

Hopefully this will help you gear up for your next outdoor athletic pursuit.  But truthfully, I just want companies to give me free stuff.  I’m currently looking for sponsorship, MEC.  Or Lulu…?  Anyone?


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  1. Yabber Dabber Do

    Do you have asthma? I have cold weather asthma and while I am NOT NOT NOT a runner, I am a walker, and I hate most things they want to go over my face. I have a buff from Planet Buff but basically I hate it because it’s too clingy. Can you give more details on the two products you use?

  2. No asthma for me…thank mercy. My large ass and hobbit-like legs are big enough impediments to running as it is. I think the black MEC face cover would be perfect for you. It’s velcro so you can keep it fairly loose (vs. the balaclava which makes your eyeballs to throb). I usually end up pulling it down, then back up, and so on for most of my runs to get some fresh air, but I find it’s better than a scarf or full head cover. Hope this helps!!

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