My secret trifecta of success

This past weekend, I headed out on my own for a leisurely 20km and you know what…I felt ok!  (That is, I was fairly confident that my lungs were not going to explode and my hip flexors weren’t actually made of concrete.)  I’ve had time to reflect on why this unlikely stroke of endurance was bestowed on me and a few things come to mind. 

1) The sun.  Seriously.  I was bundled up, a la Nanook, and just that bit of sunshine on my face was enough to fool my little brain, and legs, into thinking that -18C was far, far away. 

2) New tunes.  I cued up the old-school hip hop playlist that Muffin had mixed and lost myself in the nostalgia of high school dances, road trips, illegal substance abuse and dry humping.  Kidding, kidding.  Just the dances and road trips…and maybe some hijacked Baby Duck.  I digress…the point is “Check yo’self” is a sweet running tune. 

3) No fear.  I did not budge off the shoulder of the road for anyone.  And lemme tell ya, people are an angry bunch.  They DO NOT want “FreakincrazygetofftheG.D.roadyoustupidarse!!” runners on their turf.  But lemme also tell you this…man, it was nice to run on dry pavement.  And people can’t tell if you are waving or flipping them off when you are wearing mittens.

So yep, 20km down and it felt great, well, manageable.  And all thanks to my new found super-awesome trifecta to super-awesome running power.  Maybe this race at the end of the month is an option afterall.  Oh and by the way, recovery was slightly better this week…

All the way with whey!

A French Vanilla Whey Sensation smoothie was a deeelish treat to recoup some tired muscles.  Normally, I’m not a huge protein shake, bar, etc. gal and that’s mostly because I’m an “eater”.  I like to get a lot of bang for my caloric buck and usually I find products like that a bit dense.  Why eat a measly bar when I can eat ENTIRE cans of tuna??  (Besides the mercury poisoning and questionable amounts of sodium…)

Stay tuned for the “FunnerRunner’s guide to not having to amputate extremities”.  Oh the anticipation…


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