This morning, after teaching my usual Friday morning spin class, I reminded the gals to make sure they got a good breakfast – “WITH PROTEIN!” – to recoup those glam gams.  (Yep, I teach cycling at a gym…may not have mentioned that during my enthralling running stories.)

Yes, this is an entirely accurate portrayal of how I look during a 6am spin class.

So then I started thinking about how well, or really not-so well, I treat my body after working out. 

Let’s take last weekend for example.  I ran 18km (more like a never-ending crawl straight into the arms of death) , “stretched” (put my hands over my head while gasping for air) and then headed home.  Then I’m pretty sure I ate a few handfuls of Party Mix (deelish), had a shower and then made a playlist with Muffin (old school hip-hop…wha, what!) for our super fun cottage party that night.  Throw in some leftovers, a bran-blueberry muffin…and zero water and zero protein.  Skip a few hours ahead to where I celebrated my awesome athletic prowess with my bestie, alcohol.  I may or may not have had a slice of pizza between the living room dance party and the sofa black-out.

Huh.  So what could I have done to recover a bit better?  How can I starting walking the big talking that I’m giving to others?

So in an effort to redeem myself as a somewhat responsible fitness instructor, here are some of my fave protein sources for post-workout recovery!

  • Liberte Greek Yogourt 0%  Plain Non Fat Yogurt

I can’t get enough of this stuff.  Major source of protein…super creamy, no fat, very little sugar.  Toss in some frozen berries and you’ll have a satisified and happy belly.

  • Cottage cheese & tuna – seriously my parents have been eating this concoction since Jane Fonda was the shizzle and we had the exercise album to prove it.  Take equal parts (or to your liking) and mix it on up for a wicked lunch treat.  (But eat it in your office because people are mean.  I’ve learned that the hard way.)  My college roomie (Hi Harv!) starting adding a splash of Italian dressing into the mix, which is pretty tasty too.
  • Peanut butter – if you run, I don’t need to say another word.  Except that I will.  PB is like an overpowering force for most runners.  It calls to them from the back of the highest cupboard, unsuccessfully hidden behind jars of pasta sauce and Metamucil.  I’ve learned this from reading copious amounts of scientific research on the subject.  Or not.  But I bet I’m right.  On another pb/runner addiction note, I was happily eating a spoonful of peanut butter last night (100% peanuts – I’m trying!) and Muffin looked at me and snickered.  Me – “What?!  Lots of people do this.  I’m not weird!”  Muffin – “Serial killers probably think they are normal too”.  Nice, huh?
  • Black beans (with cilantro and lime juice)

    Black beans = justifiable use of a sombrero

It’s good protein, fibre and makes you feel like you can justify a big margarita on the side.  And a sombrero.

Just a couple of faves from me…what do you eat after a work out?  Share the love, peeps.

PS – here’s an overall good site for fueling and recovery:  Performance training foods (Runner’s World)


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  1. Lindsay (big sista)

    Hmm…what kind of food do I eat after my workout. Well, since the new year started I’ve walk on the treadmill two mornings (my aim is to do it everyday but the temptation to sleep later is so very, very hard to resist). On those two mornings I ate a bowl of oatmeal topped with ground flax seeds before the workout, and a bowl of vanilla yogurt with blueberries and raspberries afterwards. Aren’t you proud!? Now if I could only get the gumption to do it everyday!
    Oh and I’m almost on week 4 of quitting smoking too 😀

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