Because I love my readers…all four of you.

I really shouldn’t share this with you, but I’m going to because I love most of you each and every one of you and think you deserve the best. 

Here it goes…Running off the Reese’s.

This. girl. is. hilarious. 

Check it out.  But don’t really because she is wildly funnier than me and I plan on shamelessly stealing a lot of her phrases.  (“Arch-run-emy” =  mine.  I have too many of these not to steal this.)

But seriously, check it.   And then come back here and pretend to read my rice cake-minus peanut butter-dry posts.   That way when I drill you (“Seriously, didn’t YOU READ MY BLOG ABOUT THIS ALREADY?!?), you can at least look me in the eye and rattle off the titles to appease me.


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