Long run…and a not so long run.

A little late on my weekend long run update, but my fingers are just starting to thaw out.  Ooh, and I have a message for you winter…

Yeah, you heard me.

Stotes and I headed out early Saturday to get our 18k out of the way so that “we” (or possibly just me) could get cracking on the real weekend plans.  Hello wine…it’s been awhile. 

Nothing too eventful except that we looked like ethereal, huffy-puffy, snow angels for about 17km of the run.  So much so, that I’m convinced I definitely have permanent damage on my cheeks from the layer of permafrost that settled in.

We actually ran most of the Peterborough half-marathon route (that we are considering doing at the end of February) to get a taste of the terrain.  Not too shabby…definitely some hills, but this is Peterborough and that’s a given.  It’ll be my first time racing on home turf, so it’s kind of nice to get a sneak peek. 

On another note, I’m an early morning exerciser.  So when I foolishly  “convinced” myself on Tuesday morning to stay in bed, I should have known I was asking for it.  Because of this stupid, stupid challenge and my stupid, stupid big mouth, I knew I had to make up some mileage after work for my laziness that morning.  Rookie move, Nat.  Rookie move.

Here’s a pretty close depiction of me…minus the svelte thighs and me with more vomit on my chin.   

Yep, I pounded out a solid 3.4km.  And it only took me 72 minutes(ish).

(PS – big shout out to Hooles who has done me a solid and loaned me her Garmin until a) I can come to grips with the untimely demise of mine and get off my wallet to buy another one or b) she pops out her lovely bundle of joy in a couple months and starts cranking out miles again, all Boston-like.  It’s highly unlikely that I’ll admit Garmin is gone forever, so I would go with option B…the one where Hooles has to pry hers out of my chubby, sweaty little hands.)


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  1. This made me laugh! Cute!

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